Daily Archives: December 9, 2012

Turning 28

Last week- On Friday November 30th I turned 28.

No- I am not ashamed of my age, nor am I worried about turning a year older.  28 sounds lovely actually. I like even numbers.

As for 28-

I may have arthritis in my hands, five silver(love them) strands of hair, deepening smile lines(the best kind) but you know what I also have???

A healthy, happy one year old boy!  A handsome, loving husband.  A house with a roof over our heads(albeit a leaky one)-but a roof nonetheless.  We have cars that get us from point A to point B.  We have shoes, clothes, food(usually edible-still learning-lucky enough I have a Gina at Simply Life Blog– who is one darn, good cook!)

The blessings go on, and on.  And for that I am truly grateful.

On my birthday I had my fabulous family call and sing from all over the country- Bonney Lake, WA- Portland, Oregon- & Jacksonville, Florida.  My friends sent sweet, kind words that meant the world to me!

Unfortunately for me, my body didn’t get the memo that it was my birthday and that there was cake to be eaten and walks to the park to be had.  I was struck with a 48 hour stomach flu.  I cannot clearly remember any of the events of my birthday- but the words and voice-mails have been saved and cherished.  Even more unfortunate for my body, was that on Saturday morning at 7AM we had to get up and go to a Health Seminar- get Weighed-BP-Blood Samples-the works!  Well, for an hour I kept it together and passed with flying colors- thought that was funny.  And for this last week I have been working on chowing down on my favorite foods to make up for the massacre that was last weekend.  Seriously- my body should never, ever be in the low 120s.  I prefer muscle over bone ALL.DAY.LONG.


So 28- I am excited at what the next year holds! Hopefully an addition to the family <3.   As for now, I will relish all the moments I get with my little family.


Counting my blessings, instead of sheep. <3