Daily Archives: February 5, 2013

Small Improvements





The Dawn bottle just had to go & voila this olive oil glass works wonders on the eyes & dishes : ).  I had been looking for one of these dishes at Goodwill for the past couple of months and as the Husband was out shopping at cute second hand stores during the Holidays in WA he found this and wrapped it up for me. LOVE it. LOVE.


You may recognize this cake stand from one of my DIY crafts that I completed for the Toddler’s 1st birthday.  Add a towel and hand soap- BOOM- no more water messes as we reach for soap.  Cleaner and pretty darn neat if I do say so myself.

Coming up this week I will be posting about:

  • Munchkin Meals on Thursday
  • Unveil the painting project that I completed downstairs
  • Showoff the new drapes
  • Bump Update
  • Toddler Update: D is 15 Months!

*Super exciting news- my mom is coming down from the NW to visit next week! SO FLIPPING EXCITED!!!*