Daily Archives: March 10, 2013

Precious Date Night


While my mom was in town we got the chance to go out to dinner-just the two of us-a first time for us in about a year! We went to Olive Garden(the only thing that this pregnant lady wanted) where I scarfed down three bowls of Zuppo Toscano Soup, four pieces of bread, and my entire plate of lasagna. YUM.  The belly was happy.  PLUS- it was nice knowing that our Toddler was in the best possible hands.

Nana took D to the park, played with monster trucks and had too much fun(if that is even possible) and he didn’t even notice we were gone.  Nana- we wish you lived closer. ALL of us do. But for now we will cherish the date nights we get- even if they are once a year. <3