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Finding Out







After hearing from our Doctor, Nurse Practitioner  and Medical Staff that they thought we were having twins- you could say I had a tiny bit of a meltdown.  Not because that wouldn’t be a blessing.  But because I didn’t even think about that scenario.  How small our house would feel… Needing two of things- I was sure we didn’t need to buy this time around… the stroller situation…. our (crappy) health insurance…

Yep.  But I decided to block out all the “what ifs” being thrown my way and just wait until we have confirmation.  After all, all I truly wanted was to be told that everything is fine, baby/ies are healthy, you are good to go.  So after four weeks of waiting after the “twin bomb drop 2013” we finally had our appointment.

The Husband took the afternoon off so that he could be there and corral our Toddler.  D wore his Big Brother t-shirt and I made the husband wear what he thought we were having.  I decided to remain neutral.  (After the appointment he told me he thought we were having a girl but didn’t want to jinx it).

With D we found out he was a boy when I was only 15 weeks.  This time around I was 17 weeks so I thought for sure we would know the gender.  And sure enough the first thing our Tech said was only ONE baby.  The Sigh heard round the world, folks.  Only one. Thankful Mama.  Now the true test.  Was the little one going to be camera shy?  Yep.  But after 30 minutes our Tech told us that from all three different angles, we were 100% having a girl.  I was in SHOCK.  I thought for sure we were having a boy!  Talk about not having that maternal instinct!  I sat right up and hugged the Tech and just cried.  SO MANY HAPPY TEARS.  The Doctor came in after to double-check everything.  She is one little healthy baby girl.  She is small- which just means I got cleared(and ordered) to eat more food.  Ok by me!

We headed right out to pick-up some of the cutest darn clothes.  Girl’s clothes are just so much more fun than boys clothes… seriously… we had tons of fun on the previously “forbidden” side of the store.  <3


baby girl 001  baby girl 003