Daily Archives: March 22, 2013

Our Community Center

I did it! I enrolled in Toddler classes for D and I at our local community center!  We are going to do the Gym Runners class- which is full of games, circle time and parachute fun once a week.  Plus, at the end of April I signed us up for swim classes that meet three times a week.  OH- and there is Toddler Tumbling Time every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11AM.  We went this past Tuesday and after an hour and a half D walked over to the door patted it and was all done.  We walked out holding hands and he took one of the BEST.NAPS.EVER.  After the week we have had- I am looking forward to time at the center this summer.  While it is 115 degrees outside, we will be in the cool AC playing with kids and having a blast.  I will not let us be cooped up in the house all summer- for both of our sanity’s.

baby girl 005  baby girl 006

baby girl 007  baby girl 010