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Invisalign: Straight Talk

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What makes me smile??? OPTIONS!

When I think back to Middle School: the awkward stages, growth spurts, and the endless skin problems-they are seriously overshadowed by one single item = BRACES.  For two years in Middle School I got the pleasure of wearing metal braces.  Life as I knew it became just that much more worrisome.  Brace face? Yep. 
 But you know what?  As an adult I can’t thank my parents enough for gifting me with the opportunity to have that perfect smile. Your smile is the gateway into so many social situations… so those two years? Worth every painful second.  The wires cutting into my mouth-the aching jaw- the basketball in the face incident with my lips being mashed into the wires? WORTH IT.
As a parent to a little Toddler, and another sweet baby girl on the way- I can’t help but wonder if we will need to think about their future smiles.  But now? NOW? There are options!!!  Glorious options.
I was invited to an Invisalign: Straight Talk event with other local Mom’s and Bloggers.  At the event we were able to listen to a Certified, American Board of Orthodontics Orthodontist.   Our Orthodontist, Thomas S. Shipley introduced us to the benefits of Invisalign and talked about the advancements of orthodontics- since many of us, including myself, had the pleasure of the original metal braces in our early adolescents. 
Straight Teeth are Healthier Teeth
Healthier Gums
Properly aligned teeth are easier to brush and floss than crowded or crooked teeth. Properly positioned teeth can help gums “fit” more tightly around them, which may lead to better periodontal health. 
Improved Hygiene
With good oral hygiene, the chances of having plaque retention, tooth decay, and periodontal disease can be reduced.
Decreased Risk of Abnormal Wear and Trauma
Properly aligned teeth also reduce the risk of expensive procedures required to repair the effects of abnormal force, such as tooth shipping, breaking, or wear; and can be less stressful on the supporting jaw bone and joints.

Invisalign Clear Braces vs Metal Braces

Invisalign                                                               Braces
Clean aligners are virtually invisible                                       Requires brackets and wires
Smooth comfortable plastic aligners                                      Wires can poke and irritate mouth
Aligners are removable for easy cleaning                               Brushing and flossing require more effort
Eat whatever you want                                                               Many food restrictions

Invisalign Clear Braces with Rubber Bands = Genius
My thoughts?

Invisalign Teen would have been a life-saver for me!

Not having to worry about braking a bracket while eating would have made meal times just that much more simple- especially with all of the food that would get stuck in-between the metal wires- talk about yuck!  My poor mother had to take one of my younger sisters and I in for “emergency” repairs because a wire would pop out and start lacerating the insides of our mouths- “emergency” visits are basically unheard of with the Invisalign Clear Braces system because you are given a certain set of trays ahead of time- aside from losing all of them- you don’t need to go in as often.  Not having the wires tightened? Going in for bi-weekly appointments for two years?  That sounds like time well saved.
My youngest sister just finished her successful round of Invisalign.  Her teeth are straight and smile is perfect!  I am so glad that when our children grow up we have the option for clear braces! Thankgoodness for Invisalign Clear Braces- finally a more appealing option!

Have you or someone you’ve known used Invisalign? And if so, what was their experience?

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