Daily Archives: June 5, 2013

Big Boy Room Reveal

Photo Montage: Decoration from D’s 1st Birthday
Painting the room took two full nap-times to complete. LOVE the color- so much better than glossy white.

Blocks: Painted the blocks with my assortment of free paint from Ace Hardware.
Jar: Full of rocks that hold dear sentimental value to our family.

Picture: Pompi- D’s Great Grandfather and namesake & our brand new Lorex Video Monitor

Artwork: Provided by D’s sweet Aunt and Uncle from Florida
Yarn Wreath: Decoration from D’s 1st Birthday Celebration

As soon as D moves to his Big Boy Bed we will dismantle the crib and move the glider over to the corner.  I have a craft table that I painted with chalkboard paint that will go up against the wall.

Room Decorations: Birth Announcement and Clive Cussler signed art(where his first name comes from).

Paint Chip Decoration from D’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Blue Bin: from Target
Full of all of D’s stuffed animals- he tries to pry them out when he wakes up from his nap or in the morning.

Comfortor Set: Circo from Target

Ceiling Fan Installed: Harbor Breeze Fan & Light Kit from Lowes

Window Curtain: RE from Target
Blackout Curtain: from Target
White Blinds: Original Furnishings

Re-purposed Oak Glider from Goodwill- As soon as D moves to his Big Bed we will move this to the corner by the window where his crib now stands.
Top Shelf: Decorations fit for a “Bigger” Boy- Baseball/Soccer/Sports Memorabilia
Hanging: An assortment of sweaters, t-shirts and dress shirts size 6T and up(too big for now).
Bottom: Blue bins full of balls, Assortment of Toys and Brown Ottoman full of action figures.  We pull all those out at least twice a day.  The bins and ottoman make clean-up that much easier for me. 

Top Shelf: Assortment of Diapers- I tend to stock up whenever Costco has a sale-I prefer their Kirkland Diapers for D at this point.  But Huggies was on sale-cheaper than Kirkland and will suffice.  Now that D is so dang strong(large) he no longer fits into our stash of cloth diapers(this is rare in the cloth diapering world) and we are now using disposables as we work our way through potty training.
Hanging: Current clothes that fit.
Hanging Divider: Toys- an assortment of Pull-Ups that I have been stocking up from samples in the mail- plus toys that we pull out each day.
Bottom: Chalk board- Purple Bin full of clothes the Toddler has outgrown.

My main goal was to make sure that the room could grow with D and that we wouldn’t need to re-paint or re-do the window furnishings, ceiling fan or light fixtures.  The room feels cramped with the queen bed, crib and glider-but that phase will be short so I try not to let it get the best of me.  Nesting made this transition possible!  And boy am I proud of the back breaking work that went into this room reveal!

What do you have or plan to have in your baby’s “Toddler” room transition?   Are you going to move them to a new room?  When did you or when do you plan on moving them to a real bed?