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Kitchen Cabinet DIY: BEFORE

Kitchen Cabinet Dreaming

DIY All-Stars we are not. DIY Dreamers we ARE!

Two months until baby girl makes her debut and the nesting-er- renovations have taken a fever pitch.  Poor husband.  What a trooper!  I have loathed our kitchen cabinets since the day I laid eyes on them. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that I had a kitchen to call my own was a dream come true in itself- but there are always ways to make a space feel more “us”- more home.

And so- for the past two years I have dreamed about what I would-could-should do with our basic, fake wood kitchen.  Color? Tint?  Would it look professional?

Because we all know that the only time we call professionals at this house is when true emergencies hit- gas leak- black mold- water leaking through the ceiling…. perhaps you have read our adventures in house ownership.  This house has put us to work!

So after Pinteresting my little heart out I have finally set my eyes upon a “look” for our Shabby Chic Kitchen Cabinets of my dreams!  Over the next couple of days/weeks I will be sharing updates on our progress as we work toward completing one of the biggest-baddest projects we have yet to encounter.  I keep crossing my fingers and hoping that all my research and reading has paid off and that we won’t be singing the blues.