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Kitchen Makeover DIY: Stage TWO


BEFORE: Click Here


Consisted of taping off the kitchen to throw on a fresh coat of paint.  The kitchen dearly needed to be tended to.  The high gloss white was off putting with all of the natural sunshine we get out here in the desert and I wanted a more muted sheen with just a touch(a very small touch of color).  So we ran out to Lowe’s with the gray paint from our family room- Moonshine from Ben Moore- and got a third of the color tone added to a satin base.  You can barely tell- and the paint that I used only needed one coat so instead of a six hour project- with drying time and second coat-it was a two hour project.

While I painted til my little heart’s desire- the Husband got to work removing all of the cabinets and gently placing them in the garage.  He got what I like to call an “Added Father’s Day” present from Lowe’s in the form of a Black & Decker automatic hand-sander.  Talk about lucky duck! : ) Just kidding babe.  So that he could sand the large areas of our “fake” wood cabinets down… I have no idea how many hours we saved with that puppy- probably a ton.  Especially since all of the sanding was done in the garage after the Toddler went to bed at night.  Temperatures were still hovering in the 100s until after midnight around here-so that was one sweaty project!

Side-note: When completing a project with a Toddler it is best to remove all objects from open cabinets- I think to parents that is a given- but just another reason for me to go through all of our things and get a big box of items to take over to the Goodwill.  He is always allowed to play with the pots and pans-he is very gentle with them-and he knows that he can not touch the recycling or the trash.


Stare closely- you can tell the difference from the left of the column with the one third tint versus the column which I left high gloss white-which to the right of the column is the original color-Ben Moore Moonshine.

The day before we started… I sat down on the tile and cleaned the grout with a tooth brush and vinegar.  Yep- pregnant lady sat on hard tile for over four hours making our tile once again a beautiful cream tone!