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Kitchen Cabinet DIY: STAGE THREE


For the past week, we have worked tirelessly through the night after the Toddler goes down. At this point I have put in over 30 hours of gluing, priming and painting while the Toddler has napped and slept.  My arthritis tells me this will be the last time I attempt to refurbish our cabinets- yet I know that if/when we move- AND- I want new(looking) cabinets in our future home that I will always refurbish over shelling out the big bucks for new ones.

I glued the bead-board on to the side of our kitchen bar, caulked the bottom sides, and the husband put in a couple of finishing nails to make sure it didn’t warp in the heat-or with age.  I then continued to glue the bead-board on to the front of all of the bottom cabinets and attempted to caulk the edges.  

Note: “Attempt” is used loosely around here- I decided I liked the look of the cabinets without the caulking but for the moment have left the caulk on three bottom cabinets while three are prepped without- I frankly may be the only one that will notice this- yet it may just drive me bat crap crazy- only time will tell… that is a warning for you hubby.

Here is a look at our progress- the Toddler and I are leaving for the Pacific Northwest and the project will be continued when we return.

Note: All of the priming, gluing and painting had to be completed indoors because the temperatures outside were too hot for the materials I used = over 100 degrees until midnight.

Cutest Little Helper

Drastic: BEFORE

Gluing on Bead-Board


Priming: Two coats front and back- with 1 hour until re-coat- 24 hours until flipping to complete the front

Glued on with finishing nails.

The Husband’s Idea on how not to have to move all of the dishes while sanding… worked pretty nicely-those are old-school cloth diapers that we use as rags because they didn’t work for the Toddler.

Bead-Board primed.

Kitchen Primed.

Bead-Board painted.



Now I just need to paint all of the cabinets and drawers.  They will need two coats and need 16 hours in-between re-coating-so that will be a timely project when the Toddler and I return from our trip up north.  BUT- we love how much brighter our kitchen is.  We have a small kitchen that is open to the rest of the living area downstairs and the white cabinet trim just makes everything feel updated. LOVE.