Daily Archives: July 8, 2013

NW Vacation: Great Nani Time

Each time the Toddler and I head up to the Northwest to be with our family we always make sure we get quality time with my grandmother, D’s Great Grandmother, Nani.  
This time we got to visit her twice- each time was full of cuddles, sharing legos-the Toddler was really adamant about playing legos with Nani and Nani alone, and beach time!  
I love being around family and it is the greatest joy in the world to be able to watch your child experience just how sweet they are! I mean- I needed to pinch myself with how much love we were surrounded with! Pulls at my heart strings that we live so very far away.  I think it was a feat in itself that we convinced our fun-loving Nani to go to the beach with us and climb down the embankment-she is 89 years young people- we had a BLAST together!  More on our beach adventures to come this week!