Daily Archives: July 24, 2013

Catching Up

-hospital bag is packed

-big brother presents wrapped
-friends are on-call for delivery to watch The Toddler
-nursery is complete
-all baby clothes cleaned
Now if someone could come over and deep clean the house I would be indebted to you… Or if you purchased a maid for the day for us. Yep.
I have a list of posts to write. An entire house to clean. But instead I think I am just going to take care of The Toddler and myself the best way I can. 
Because folks. It is over 100degrees. I am HUGE. I can no longer sleep. And life doesn’t just stop when you are 9 months pregnant. Try to explain how tired you are to a toddler. Yea, it doesn’t work.
So my dear friends, I will trudge on and will post about our lives in due time.
Now if someone could make me a sandwich all would be dandy.