Daily Archives: July 31, 2013

Day in the Life: Toddler Edition

As this pregnancy comes to the end, I feel like I should post another typical day in the life with the Toddler.  I know that this is the last month that he will be my one and only child and that our day to day schedule is about to change drastically- which is scary and exciting…..

5AM: The Toddler starts stirring… I smack myself in the head…. NOO not again. For the past two weeks he has woken up at 5AM. Kill me now. Seriously, with getting up 5+ times a night and tossing-turning, the early wake-up call is completely unwelcome. We both get into comfy cotton clothes, wash our faces, brush our teeth. I straighten-up the rooms before we head downstairs.

7AM: By 7AM we have had Cherrios at the table-I have made coffee- cleaned the kitchen- thrown in a load of laundry and we have started playing with choo choos. 

7AM-11AM: We play trains- read books- build blocks- dance to the iPod- watch an episode of Scooby Doo(The Toddler’s fav)- consume two cups of apple juice- make a fort and have “secret” conversations(he gets really really chatty when we play in forts=priceless)-I complete 3 loads of laundry.

11-11:30AM: I prep veggies for a batch of slow-cooker, white chicken chili= Husband and Toddler Approved. The Toddler plays at my feet and snacks on red and green bell peppers. After the crockpot is loaded I get The Toddler changed for naptime.

11:45AM: Naptime Upstairs

12PM: The Toddler is out.

12PM-1PM: Blog-do bills-phone interview for Blog-clean downstairs-take trash out to garage- bring up three large bins of laundry upstairs-pound a cup of coffee-and usually this is my “snack time”- but The Toddler is going through a “I hate sleep” phase- which is undoubtingly killing me and today this full-term pregnant lady didn’t get a snack.

1PM: The Toddler gets up- I change him- attempt to put clothes away for Baby Girl, The Toddler and myself- BUT today instead of jamming out on the guitar, playing with his trucks, or reorganizing the toys in Little Sister’s room he grabs my hand and tells me we need to go play downstairs… Because we are both so cranky- and tired- and hungry- I relent.

1:30-2PM: I serve lunch for both of us in the dining room.

2-3:45PM: Trains Galore- The Toddler plays independently with his Little People, reads more books aloud to himself and is otherwise entertained as I work on house projects and my never-ending to-do list.

4PM: We both need a break- the white flag is hoisted up and we sit down, cuddle and watch an episode of our beloved Scooby Doo(thanks Aunt Rachel) as we anxiously await The Husband’s arrival home.

4:30PM: Husband s home. The bells chime- people rejoice and all is right in the world again.

5PM: Family dinner around the dining room table. The Toddler and Husband talk about their days… One sounds like gibberish-bet you can guess who. Reminds me of Squirt the Turtle from Finding Nemo- “I know you’re trying to talk to me but I can’t understand a word your saying,” adorable. Do you have your exit buddy?

5:45PM: Backyard time. Water hose action, hummingbird watching and relaxing.  The Toddler has now found out the joy of soaking mom to the bone with the hose as I sit there and just take it- laughing-screaming-laughing- because frankly I am WEIGH(way-haha see what I did there?) too large to sprint away from a rambunctious toddler.

6PM: quick shower for The Toddler. 

7PM: Bedtime routine.

8PM: Toddler is out.

8-10PM: Swollen ankles iced. Catch up on favorite blogs. Relax with The Husband. 

10:30PM: Lights out.

Wake-up 4-7 times-and start it all over again at 5AM.  Sleep regressions come in phases for The Toddler- and I know that it will be better soon.  Hopefully in time for when Baby Girl makes her arrival.