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The State of Things

Goodness Gracious

I swear I am here.  Thinking about a multitude of things.  There are over fifteen posts in draft mode just waiting to be tweaked to perfection(my type of perfection obviously).

I am at a road block.  A very LARGE road block.

I have been given an incredible opportunity to write for a community that I believe in. 


Please let the record state that not many things in this life terrify me.  Yes, perhaps falling from the sky in an airplane-which has happened technically, so that isn’t that far-fetched. And let’s not even talk about something happening to one of my babies.

So there you have it.

Not even writer’s block.  Simply a case of, “Will I be accepted?” “Do I have anything worthy to contribute to the discussion?” Shaking in my flip-flops people.  I kid. But seriously.

So here is a little brain dump of sorts to play catch-up-

Two gorgeous handmade pieces from ETSY are sitting in our house-my first two purchases after years of gawking at the beautiful handmade beauties- I can not wait to share with you how our downstairs is shaping up!  Finally all of my DIY projects have come together and now it feels like home.

We have a new couch(new-to-us) from one of my best friends!  It is what dreams are made of! Beige, creamy, comfy, soft, HUMONGOUS sectional.  The Toddler literally ran from one end to the other for hours the day we got it-hours.  We are talking sweaty, face- bright red, squealing with joy.  

The little things in life are surely glorious.

I have tried to clean our tile in our kitchen and entrance way for the last three years.  Are they clean? YES. Do they look clean? NO. So tonight I am headed to Home Depot to snag a bottle of Grout Renew and will spend a couple hours after the kids go to bed tonight making that tile look as clean as it surely is.  I plan to do a full DIY post on this-even if it is an epic fail-later on next month.  But I have high hopes because Young House Love– a DIY blog that is adorable and incredibly informative just had great luck using this in January-and I trust their opinion-they are the reason I was able to re-do our kitchen, guest bath, and master bath cabinets by hand for under $250.

Anybody want to contribute to the fund for getting new floors put in downstairs?  Our carpet was put in for selling the house and it is the cheapest-craptastic carpet in the history of carpets!  I thought I could put in some hard work to keep it clean-yea, I just spent over an hour by the garage door on my hands and knees trying to clean the stained area(who puts carpet in by the garage?) and now it just looks greige instead of beige. FABULOUS.  I really wanted to be able to wait until next year-for when Em will have “mastered” walking to put in wood floors-but this is just miserable. We have deep-cleaned the areas with carpet cleaner and shampooed the carpet and it still has the nice gray trail of doom. YUCK. Granted-downstairs is relatively small-it would still break the bank at this point. Repeat- any takers?

On a positive note I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to be an advocate for products and companies that I believe in.  I am thankful for the opportunities this little space of internet has afforded me and am excited to share in the next couple of weeks what I have going on…

How are the kids?

We are all healthy!  For the first time in over six months all of us are healthy!  Now that I just typed that out a kid is going to sneeze on The Toddler… alas.  Well, with that- the carpet cleaning was a fiasco today-the grout is clean enough to eat off of-but no one in their right mind would-and Em is now awake from her nap!

Thanks for continuing to follow along!  I appreciate truly appreciate your support!

Our Short & Sweet Time with Nana

The last five days have gone by too darn fast!  Nana arrived late Tuesday night and left yesterday morning to go back to the Pacific Northwest.  The sunshine greeted her every morning-which I am sure was a welcomed change from the gloom and doom of a long Washington winter!  

We spent as much time outside as possible!  No complaints here!  We hibernated for the last week trying to get rid of our nasty colds and being outside was a nice little change.  Please Note: Our grass is in hibernation mode-if we wanted grass that was green year round we would have to strip and re-seed twice a year-every year-and we just like to keep our summer grass-so it is “sleeping” until the temps rise another 10-15 degrees.


Em LOVED spending time with her Nana.  

Little Em passed out after an extra-long trip to our local park.  I even un-strapped her to get her out and she didn’t move! Little lady was out!

Sand Turtle Fun- helpful hint- sprinkle some cinnamon in the sand and mix it in.  We have plenty of spiders on the outside of our sand-box, but not one in over a year, inside it! Winning.

Every afternoon we sat outside and just reveled in the spring-time air.  I know the rest of the country is having a rough(understatement of the year) winter but our summers are five months long and are too dangerous to go out in.  Our Weather? The lows at night reach 95 degrees with the highs ranging from 110-120-I KID YOU NOT. Having two young children with those types of temperatures make those months just as frustrating as the NE Winter-I am sure of it.  Except we really can’t go outside-no layers of clothes here-naked babies get hot fast- Oh and cars heat up to 130+ degrees in less than 15 minutes in the sun- hello sweating babies as I try to turn the AC on max when we get back into the car.  

Pool time- walking the Mall-Target-Costco-going to the Children’s Museum- Indoor Gym Time- Lot’s of indoor playtime in my future.  So we are going to live outside for the next two months!

Tangent Over.

Em finally LOVES being in the stroller for our walks to the park!  The Toddler sits next to her in our City Mini Double- love that stroller-even more so than the single!

Em & Nana cuddles.  

We took Nana to our local family community center for our Wednesday Weekly outing!  The theme was Tunnels- and The Toddler reveled in crawling around the maze and pushing all sorts of balls through with him.  Adorable!

Little Champ relaxing while we devour some local frozen yogurt! Em has two teeth now and my Chewbeads necklaces that I wear come in hand when she is in the Ergo. I don’t give her these in the car-just while we were sitting in the booth(over cautious mom).

The Toddler stole my orange yogurt- at least he is cute!

Best Friends!

Every morning(and after nap) The Toddler would start calling for Nana.  He spent every waking moment glued to her side. She was the best entertainment and the one he wanted to cuddle with every night.  I can not wait until we live closer.  But I am so thankful for the time we did have-because it was downright precious!

Nana and I scored two outdoor chairs at a local garage sale-we LOVE finding a good deal.  When she asked me what I would like to do without the two munchkins on Saturday(when they were down for their afternoon nap and the Hubby could watch them) I immediately opted for going to Old Navy.  None of my shorts fit at six-months postpartum-I wish is was because I was so slim-but that is definitely not the case.  She helped me find some shorts and light cotton tops for my mom body so that I will be able to go through the hot summer months in clothes that fit. There is definitely another post involved when talking about my journey with breastfeeding and regaining my pre-baby weight-but that will have to be at a later date.

I am thankful for all of our coffee chats, our time in the sunshine in the backyard, and just plain good old company!  I miss you mom!  But am so thankful for the time that we get to spend with you!

 Exciting things are coming this week!  I am working on writing a post on our journey with food allergies-one that is taking me awhile to gather my thoughts.  The giveaway for the Nuby Stool ends this Friday-get your entries in!  I am excited about some new partnerships that I have in the works and am so darn grateful for how these partnerships positively impact our little family!  There are two new giveaways on the horizons and hopefully Em’s sixth month post-just need to take pictures of her cuteness!

Thanks for reading and your continued support!



Big Boy Photoshoot

Working on photo-shopping a T-Rex into the background…. will be putting a print of that up in The Toddler’s room!

Waving “Hi” to the other kid at the park!
After his brand-new big boy haircut, The Toddler needed some new pictures.  He didn’t- but I did!  We got him some Hot-Tot’s Hair product-he is allergic to every product under the sun-except for them- lucky we saw that product on Shark Tank!  Watching Shark Tank on Friday nights together as a stay-at-home date isn’t all that bad when you find products that positively impact your own child’s life!

We got him dressed Saturday morning-did his hair for the first time… ever, and set out to our local park to take approximately two minutes of pictures before he made a mad-dash to the big toy!  Thankful for my fast shutter-speed and new big-girl camera!  The gift that keeps on giving when it comes to having quality pictures of  kids!

Nuby Step-Up Stool Review & Giveaway

Nuby Step-Up Stool

Daily routines are easier when The Toddler can accomplish some of the hygiene tasks by himself.  We are big proponents of oral hygiene care.  At 29 years old I still do not have a cavity.  I am thankful that my mom took care of our teeth when we were little and that she made sure to teach us how to care for them at an early age.  We started brushing The Toddler’s teeth when his first tooth popped through.  Now that Em has her first tooth we do the same.  

Now that we have two little ones-morning is quite chaotic!  

The Toddler LOVES being able to get on the stool to wash his hands, face, brush his hair(he doesn’t really have any-but still loves to do it) and then brush his teeth before we go downstairs in the morning.  The twinkle in his eye when he is doing his “Big Boy” tasks are down-right adorable.  The thought of that look makes me smile as I sit here and type.

Now that we are truly in the trenches of potty-training(lovely picture I know) it helps to have a stool for him to use to get up on the big toilet and then for him to move over to the sink-to wash his hands.  Washing hands is a big deal in our family!  You may not know it with how much I’ve been sick this year(I blame lack of sleep-activities around tons of kids-and the passing of colds through our family-over-and over-and…).

After getting home from the park or an activitiy we wash our hands.  Before eating we wash our hands.  You get the picture-but when you suddenly have to drop everything and help your little one to do that each time- you don’t realize how often you are visting the bathroom to use the sink.  This stool has helped promote some independence. Independence that I know my little man wanted and needed.

We have tile in our bathrooms and I am thankful that this stool does not slip!  Even after bath time at night and the floor is soaking wet I do not have to worry about The Toddler taking a spill.

Nuby Step-up Stool has a No-Slip and No Skid Base that adds to the sturdy and convenient design.  It holds up to 800 pounds and is perfect for getting to those hard to reach places.  Textured surface provide the necessary grip for safe usage, and it is small enough to store discreetly.


Now YOU can know how marvelous this little Step-Stool is!  Nuby is giving away one Step-Up Stool to one of my readers! 

There are two total possible entries for this giveaway.

1.  Leave a comment on the bottom of this post on why you would want to win a Nuby Step-Up Stool.

2.  Like As Cute as a Bug’s Ear on Facebook and comment on the bottom of this post saying you did.

Winner will be chosen by and emailed.  Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. Giveaway ends 2/21 at 5PM Mountain Standard Time.

Available at these fine retailers:


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*Disclaimer – I was provided a product for review as a Nuby Mommy Blogger. No other compensation was received. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

Nuby Natural Touch Warmer and Sterilizer Review

Nuby Natural Touch Warmer and Sterilizer
The sterilizer is a lifesaver when The Toddler attempts to “claim” one of Em’s pacifiers or teethers… seriously, we pass around enough germs.  

Every little bit of preparation helps- ESPECIALLY during flu season.  I swear toddlers are walking germs.  One Big Germ.  

Well, the sterilizer is what we primarily use this for.  Em at almost six months old still struggles with a bottle.  Give Momma a break little one.  My husband uses this baby to thaw frozen breast milk and pop it into a bottle.  He likes that it literally is one button.  

One & Done.

Bottle & Food Warming Charts- Easy to figure out after you have mastered what type of bottles and containers you own.

I love the simplicity of the warming function and the fact that The Toddler’s germs can be zapped in seconds. Perfect for this busy mom!
The 2-in-1 design of this Natural Touch Warmer and Sterilizer evenly and safely warms breast milk, formula and baby food.  Or you can use it as a quick and easy-to-use sterilizer for bottles and pacifiers.  It sterilizes in just minutes! Simply use measuring cup (included) to add water, load the sterilizer and touch the button to start.

Available at these fine retailers:
  • JC Penney


Connect with Nuby on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest to stay up to date with all of their new products and promotions.

*Disclaimer – I was provided a product for review as a Nuby Mommy Blogger. No other compensation was received. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.

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