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Rub a Dub-Dub

Two Kids in the Tub

The Husband is in charge of bath time at night. 

Bubbles. Giggles. And squeaky clean babies!

We have all been hit by the flu the past week. ALL OF US.  This is the first time The Husband has had to use a sick day for himself in over two years. TWO YEARS PEOPLE. So sneezing, sniffing, and coughing has been a part of our every day for the last week.  

Last night The Husband sneezed and our little ones cracked up while they were in the tub.  So he picked up some bubbles and play-sneezed bubbles all over both of them.  I could hear the laughing echo through the house.  Perhaps the best sound I have ever heard.  Both of them were belly-laughing so hard-they even sound like each other when they laugh.  I was attempting to put away a weeks worth of laundry, taking out the trash, and putting a days worth of toys away upstairs.  But after hearing the fun literally echo in the house I had to just stop and take in the moment.  

The precious moment.  

Thank you bubbles.  

Thank you Husband.  

Thank you for belly laughs-clean children-and a peaceful night of sleep.

Nuby Twisty Bugz Teether Review

Nuby Twisty Bugz Teether Review

Em has been playing with this teething toy for the last two months.  For people new to my little spot on the Internet-she started around four months old with this toy- and has really grown to love the little bugger(pun intended).  Her favorite part on the interactive twisty toy is the Bee.  For some reason, that little one with the purple wings is her favorite to play with and nom on.

Em officially has her first tooth!  

And with her new-found dexterity it helps immensely to have a teether that is large enough for her to play with AND has a number of different textures, colors, and movements.  I really haven’t seen anything else on the market that moves the way this Twisty Bugz Teether does.  

I would definitely recommend this teether to new moms!  

The Twisty Bugz teether features colorful characters, multiple textured surfaces, and fun sounds that will delight and amuse your baby for hours.  Each character is sized perfectly for small hands and can be twisted in a full circle.  Additionally the entire teether can be twisted along its center.  Twist it and it clicks!  Shake it and it rattles!

Available at these fine retailers:
  • www.target.com
  • www.buybabydirect.com
  • www.idealbaby.com


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