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Munchkin Meals: 6 Months & 27 Months

Time for another Munchkin Meals thanks to Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life! On the first Thursday of every month she hosts a Munchkin Meals Link-Up Party- which enables me to look through tons of great meal ideas to change things up with my Toddler and now our sweet baby girl.  


The last few months have been full of firsts for our new little family of four!  Thankfully we found out about The Toddler’s food allergies and have been able to adapt our life and fridge to accommodate.  We no longer purchase any allergy-food.  This means there are A TON of green veggies- which really is good on all fronts. 

The last time I discussed The Toddler’s meals was when he was just 23 months old.  A new mom to two-under two-working feverishly to figure out how our little man can get all his nutritional needs, completely unaware of his dietary restrictions, save for the few ones that put his life in danger.

Munchkin Meals: 23 Months 

The Toddler: 
27 Months Old
36 pounds
40 Inches Tall
Clothes Size: 3 & 4T shirts- 3T shorts- Size 10 Shoes

Food allergies: 


So that is the round-up of what we no longer buy for our house.  Fortunately there are many healthy options that The Toddler loves that we were immediately able to substitute.  Thankful mom over here.

 Below are some snacks, lunches, and even a treat that is Toddler Approved!

2-3 Bananas a day is normal in our house.

I bring a homemade mix of dry coconut, dry blueberries, and rice chex where ever we go- easy and he LOVES it.

He can have icecream as long as it doesn’t have egg in it(or any of the other above allergens) and thankgoodness-because that is one sweet little treat!

Banana Break at the Zoo

Chex Mix

Lunches- Turkey, Avocodo Dip with Cucumbers, Green Peppers, and Pear

First vanilla milk shake- and before you go all crazy- we were in the parking lot enjoying milk shakes together as Em napped. 

Homemade Burrito Bowls- Brown Rice,Cilantro, Ground Chicken, and Black Beans

Gluten & Egg-Free Pancakes- STAR WARS STYLE- true fans will see it.

Some grocery store finds!

Burrito Bowls are kind of our go-to these days! 

Afternoon snack!

When I was pregnant with The Toddler a dear friend gave me these.  They are my main resources for baby food purees- definitely makes it easy on you when you are on less than four hours of sleep!

Em is now six months old! Baby food here we come!  I am working on doing a mixture of purees and Baby Led Weaning.  She is much more resistant to try new foods, so we are taking it slow.  Her favorites are large batches of pureed rice cereal with breast milk.  Slowly she is beginning to eat bananas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and pears.

6 Months Old
16 lbs(guess-find out Monday)
26 Inches(guess)
Clothes: 9 Month Onesies- 12 Month Pants- 12 Month Footed Sleepers

Thank you Brittany for continuing this tradition! I LOVE the Munchkin Meals Link-up!  Can’t wait to pour over all of the other posts!

Do you have any Baby-Led Weaning Posts? Please Share!

I need all the help I can get!

Thank you!