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There are those moments when you just know that you are doing something right.  

As mom’s I feel like sometimes you try to commiserate with one-another discussing all of the hard things that we do and go through on this daily adventure in life.  On my many solo adventures with two under two I encounter many situations where I am truly thankful that our parenting is working.  Raising two respectful little ones is working.  

Well, when I look back on these days I want to remember the good- the pure good of my two little ones playing together, day after day.  

The Toddler goes out of his way to make sure that Em is looked after, has her toys, and is happy.  She follows him around, copying every move he makes, and is overjoyed with all of the attention and love she receives from him- every single day.  Not just moments.  All day, every day, in public, at home- they love each other openly. 

Sometimes I need to remember to revel in the fact that we are raising good little ones.  

Summer Survival: Skincare


Goodness gracious- summer is upon us here in the Valley of the Sun!  This past weekend temperatures hit 106 degrees at our house, so long spring, summer is here to stay!

As a mother to a rambunctious two year old and a nine month baby girl it is incredibly important to me to make sure that they are covered-in every sense of the word- head to toe in sunscreen. 


I was invited to an event at the Whole Foods Market Paradise Valley to discuss sun care and summer survival.  Survival is to be taken literally- our summers get into the 120s with the lows in the mid 90s.  

Skin cancer runs in my family.  My grandmother and mother are both survivors and just this past Fall I had a tumor removed from my face. You can read about that HERE.  So sun care is an extremely personal topic and one that I don’t take lightly.
I couldn’t agree more!  Whole Foods Market Paradise Valley is diligently working on educating the public on products that can help you keep safe this summer.  

Lucky for you(and me) they are having a fabulous  Sun Care 4 Day Promotion – May 23rd to May 26th with 30% off Sun Care products! At the event we were able to try out an assortment of products that fit our daily need living out here in the desert.  Better yet the products are organic, good for your skin, and equally important easy on baby AND toddler sensitive skin.

My son has over 26(dangerous) allergies to foods, 15 environmental allergies, and to top it off he is allergic to the majority of lotions, sunscreens, and body care products on the market.  Being able to find GENTLE and EFFECTIVE products that work for our family has been a struggle to say the least. 

I couldn’t be more pleased or thankful for the opportunity to work with a store that takes such pride in their products.  LOCAL products are always important to me.  Living as green as we can is one of our family’s goals.  

Goddess Garden Organics is a company founded by a mompreneur who was frustrated that there were no products in the market for little ones that were healthy, organic, and non-irritating.  A mom after my own heart! 

Goddess Garden Sunscreens are free of sunscreen chemicals, protecting and nourishing using only the purest organic ingredients! All of the containers are biodegradable, reef safe, the sunscreen is cruelty free, Non-GMO, and completely recyclable.

Calms my mom worries.  Love that my toddler has been wearing this sunscreen and has yet to have an adverse reaction! 
Mom: 1.  Allergies: 0.

DeVita Skin Care and Color Cosmetics are vegan AND paraben free!  The moisturizer that we tried was smooth, rich, and made my skin feel divine!  Sometimes you just need to pamper your skin and this is one fabulous way to do so!  

The Moisture TINTS had just the right amount of coverage for summer.  I tend to not want a lot of coverage when the temperatures soar into the hundreds.  Typical makeup melts off my face and I look awful within minutes of being outside.  Moisture TINTS will be helping me cover my imperfections-WHILE protecting my skin. WIN-WIN.
Acure is a natural, clinical skin care, body care, and hair care line.  100% natural, fair trade certified organic ingredients, no petrochemicals, sulfate free, paraben free, with no synthetic fragrances.  They focus on driving real results through simple, plant based and food-based ingredients.

What was this mom of two under two most interested in? DRY SHAMPOO. 

Acure’s formualtion smelled like heaven.  Verdict?  It did not make my hair feel chalky or give off that dull residue after I applied it.  Tried and true product for any mom out there that needs to shave off a couple of minutes of their morning routine.

Badger Healthy Body Care is a company that pride’s themselves on being 100% natural and is USDA Certified Organic.  We were able to try their sunscreens which went on thick and left a noticeable color difference after they were applied.  Super helpful for families that want to make sure that their little ones are covered head to toe!

My athritic(not even 30 yet) hands loved, loved, loved this balm. 

Creamy, cozy goodness for my aching hands.


A shopping trip at Whole Foods Market Paradise Valley should always consist checking out the local fare that they have for that week!  We go through a container of salsa a week and LOVE that we can shop local.

Local beer? Don’t mind if I do!

Whole Foods Market Paradise Valley
Sun Care Tips & Summer Survival Store Event
May 23rd – May 26th 

30% off Sun Care Products

Go stock up for the summer!  We go through a crazy amount of sunscreen in our house and I am making a trip out! So thankful that I was able to get a preview of the quality products. 

Thank you Whole Foods Market Paradise Valley for hosting me!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Paradise Valley.  All thoughts and opinions are always honest and 100% my own.