Daily Archives: June 25, 2014

Laundry Room Update{DIY}

Continuous Work-in-Progress

Cans Dipped in Paint for Extra Storage

Spray Painted Cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby with Metallic Paint

Fabulous FREE Printable found HERE

Gifted this Print from ETSY

Tuna Cans with Laundry Clips- I re-use most glass jars for our pantry.  The label peels off and I paint the top of the lids.

Check Your Pocket Sign- Idea from HERE
White pitcher for lint catch.  Our dryer is incredibly dinged up… but works like a charm!

Leftover bead board from kitchen renovation. Took one nap time to paint it in leftover paint from Em’s room and stencil. Love the effect, imperfections and all.

Chalk Menu Planner: Painted frame with chalk painted canvas.
White Board List: Need to add a pretty piece of paper behind and get a small pen to write with.