Daily Archives: August 25, 2014

Weekend Update

Friday Favorite- National Geographic Kids. The skies opened up and poured on us.  Luckily we were prepared and The Toddler’s donned their swimsuits and hit the splashpad.  Great music, toys, treats, and friends!

Friday night we let The Toddler stay up late.  I put Em to bed and then we all quietly snuck outside to roast marshmallows and look at the stars.  The Toddler loved being outside past his bedtime and was thrilled to see all of the stars start to appear.   

Sweet Em will do anything-AND I MEAN ANYTHING- that The Toddler does.  Over the past two weeks I have been trying to get her to start eating yogurt… and low and behold I told The Toddler to eat a spoonful of yogurt and BAM- Em now loves yogurt. Hence the coat of white, gooey stuff.

The great toy purge… well that was our intention.  After smores and tucking The Toddler into bed on Friday, the husband and I went through ALL of their toys. I now have two boxes of “baby” toys for our garage sale and all of our Legos-Puzzle Pieces-Tools and such are now back in their rightful spot.  We know this won’t last long, but it was nice to finally be able to find certain toys.

Saturday we went on a family bike ride and then hit our favorite park.  Great afternoon at home after dual naps for the toddler’s and BBQ for dinner.  The husband and I had a “date night” and watched one of my favorite movies- The Goonies. Anybody else love that one? Plus- do any of you remember the octopus scene?  My husband thought I was crazy when I was talking about it because apparently it is not in our copy- BUT- it did exist… and is in the deleted scenes.  After much research, my husband found that indeed I was not crazy, but that Disney had aired the version with the Octopus in the 90s on TV. Goodtimes.

Sunday Funday was spent at the zoo!  The Toddler’s loved exploring the zoo- we saw a ton of animals, danced to ghost tiki drums, said hello to all of the farm animals, and hit the splash pad. 

PERFECT way to spend a Sunday.

Lot’s of fabulous surprises going on behind the scenes these next couple of days!  
Can’t wait for you to see what I have you, my fabulous readers!

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Hope you all have a wonderful week!

But seriously- does anybody else remember the octopus in Goonies?!?