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Afternoon Coffee Date


If we were meeting for coffee it would probably be at Starbucks.  It is National Coffee Day and hopefully you wouldn’t mind.  Starbucks reminds me of home, the Pacific Northwest.  Depending on how hot the weather is I would order a Coffee Frap Light with Soy or an Hot Caramel Sugar-Free Vanilla Soy Mochiatto. 


If we were having coffee this afternoon I would tell you about how excited I am for Fall and the temperatures that are associated with it. We only have a couple more weeks of temps in the 100s and then perhaps we can open up the windows! This house needs fresh air something fierce.

If we were having coffee this afternoon I would tell you about our trip to Vertuccio Farms. I forgot how much fun it is to go down slides, and get muddy.  Only at a farm is it not frowned upon to get dirty as an adult.  I relished the strong breeze, cooler temps, and hearing the toddler’s endless laughs.

If we were having coffee this afternoon I would tell you how lucky I feel to work with companies that I love.  I am blessed to be able to stay home with my two little ones and work at night.  Pulling 25-30 hours a week while my little ones sleep sometimes makes for late nights and very early mornings when Em wakes up before the sun- but they are only little once. And teaching can wait the next couple of years.

If we were having coffee this afternoon I would tell you about how fearful I am about preschool.  The Toddler is ready to go-but I don’t know if I can trust a preschool with my child’s life.  He has so many extreme food allergies and he doesn’t know how to ask for help when he has a reaction yet.  Sure we can send him with his double pack of Epi-Pens but what if the classroom is not nut free?  What if my shy little man has a reaction and no one notices until it is too late?  His reactions happen in mere seconds.  What if parents think their kid’s right to a cupcake trumps my kid’s right to life?  My heart hurts so much for the anguish he may go through.  Finding the “right fit” for him with being in a safe, learning environment is sending this former-teacher into tears.  

I would probably need a hug, as I do right now.  

If we were having coffee this afternoon I would tell you how over-the-moon excited I am that I will be attending Blended Conference this weekend! I can’t wait to meet other bloggers, brands, and really learn how to market myself in the digital age.  I would tell you that I am nervous about what to wear-which seems trivial, believe me, I know- but I usually wear athletic gear during the week on our adventures to the parks, splash pads, zoo, and children’s museum.  Three days in real clothes- honestly I don’t think I have three days of real clothes that are even remotely fashionable at this point in time.  Don’t worry- I will be sure to update you on what I wear(insert sarcasm font), bring to the conference, and major takeaways from the sessions.  As of right now I am working on updating my Media Kit, trying to find a make-shift head shot, and finishing up sponsored posts.

If we were having coffee this afternoon I would ask you:

How are you and your family?

What are you excited about this Fall?

What are the fashion must-haves for this season?(I need all the help I can get)

What would you share over afternoon coffee?

Feel free to comment below!

Vertuccio Farms: Fall Festival Fun

Corn Maze and Fall Festival: 2014

The Valley of the Sun was hit by another storm late Saturday night.  Lightning even struck in our backyard-too close for comfort for this lady!  We knew that the farm may have a few puddles(to be expected) and we came prepared!  Both toddlers were more than happy to don their boots along with mom.  The boots were necessary-but we LOVED the puddles.  I don’t know many kids that don’t like getting dirty.  And time on the farm? Bring on the mud!

This is our second year attending the Fall Festival at Vertuccio Farms and it was even bigger and better than last year!  We loved it so much-we are going back this week to check-out the corn maze AND pick out our beloved pumpkins!  

FYI: Their pumpkin prices are the BEST I have seen in Phoenix. Pumpkin seeds are one of my most favorite things about fall and I can’t wait to load up a Prius full of goods.
The Corn Maze shall be conquered next week! The field will dry up and we will test our skills at The Farm Treasure Hunt- every year Vertuccio Farms makes a new maze and this “Scratch Off” sheet looks like a blast!  I will let you all know how the toddler’s do with us this week.

The animals on the farm MADE Em’s day.  She said, “Hi!” to every single animal and waved frantically at the cow.  She couldn’t believe she was that close.
Bounced our little hearts out!

So cute it’s scary!

The slides were easily thirty minutes of pure fun-I may or may not have gone down them ten times… SO MUCH FUN.  A little note for parents-cotton clothes help if you have a need for speed-jeans on the other-hand slow you down incredibly.  I caught air twice at the bottom of the big slide and my side’s hurt so much from laughing.


September 27th – November 2nd

Monday-Thursday 9am – 9pm

Friday-Saturday 9am – 10pm

Sunday 10am – 6pm


$9 per person ages 2 & younger free

Season passes are available for $22

$2 off Fall Festival Admission – $2 off admission to Vertuccio Farms Fall Festival


**Home School Day** Oct 20th 9am-1pm. $5 per person, ages 2yrs and under free, with non perishable food donation. 

Admission price includes:
  • 7 Acre Corn Maze
  • Extreme Air Pillow 
  • Mule Rides (NEW)
  • Grain Train (NEW)
  • Giant Tube Slide 
  • Spider Web Rope Climb 
  • Rubber Duck Race 
  • Mini Hay Maze 
  • Pumpkin Patch (additional fee if you pick a pumpkin)
  • Pedal Race Cars
  • Barrel Train Ride
  • Farm Animals
  • Bounce House
  • Playground
  • Teeter-Totter
  • Barn House Photo Op
  • Educational Pizza Farm
  • and much, much more!
“NEW” Tuesday Toddlers: BOGO for parent and toddler ages 3 and 4 yrs ($4.50 each) from 9am -3pm every Tuesday in Oct. 

Definitely #ToddlerApproved.
Video Proof:
You can connect with Vertuccio Farms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

I received free admission in order to review the festival  All opinions as always are 100% my own.

Little Tikes #toddlerapproved

As a member of #TeamLittleTikes The Toddler received this fabulous toy in the mail- MUCH to his delight! I think he “talked” about it for three hours straight while pretending to be the driver picking up everyone’s recycling in the house.  Three hours people.  Now THAT is some staying power for a toy that does not sing-have blaring lights-or a screen for viewing.  EXACTLY what his former teacher wants.  Screen time in our house is limited.  Instead I reinforce the ability of free play, imagination, and make believe.  Wonderous stories and adventures are to be had if you simply turn off the TV(iPad-Video Game). 


Push and Pop- 

Pop Haulers: 12+ Months
A toy garbage truck that is perfect for toddlers! The handle is easy to grip and pushing the garbage truck forward makes the recyclable trash pop. Little ones will love the sound and motion. This Pop Haulers Rey Recycle truck promotes active, engaged floor play.

Join Team Little Tikes for special a fun social community where fans get special access to the world of Little Tikes and can share their love for all things Little Tikes.

You can connect with Little Tikes on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to keep up with all of the latest news and announcements.

#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between my blog and MGAE. This could include MGAE providing me with content, product, access or other forms of payment. As always, all opinions are always 100% my own.

Life Lately: Two Toddlers

Even though my Instagram feed is full of Fall decor and the inaugural PSL’s from Starbucks our weather is anything- BUT Fall.  But that’s okay.  We survived another summer in the desert and were lucky enough to still get outside on daily adventures even when temps hit nearly 120.  

The Toddler’s and I go to the Zoo- probably twice a week.  The packing and trek are worth it and we walk around, say “hi” to our favorites(that change weekly), and always leave after a good bit of wet fun at the splash pad.

Two weeks ago we had a 100 year old storm.  Now I’m from the Pacific Northwest and am used to rain-it doesn’t bother me one bit-but nearly six inches of rain in eight hours in the desert is tantamount for disaster.  The ground is so hard that the water literally pooled on all roads and freeways-covering cars and leaving people stranded and needing emergency help.  Our backyard flooded to the point that I got my boots on and had to dig a make-shift river for the water to flow out of it before it breached our sliding glass door.  Carpet and storm water would be an ugly mix.  We were lucky and did not get stuck or flooded but there are many-MANY- people in our neighborhoods that are not that lucky and have lost the majority of their belongings.  Rain in the desert does crazy things.

Sweet Em will lay at my feet, relaxing when I cook in the kitchen.  She cuddles up and just “talks” to me. Precious little one.

National Geographic Kid’s Club and Disney Store Activity Days- we go where the fun is!  Music and dancing are the jam to our jelly and my toddler’s boogie their little hearts out.

The Dinosaur Man- we visit the Natural History Museum once a month.  The Toddler now knows all of the dinosaur names and what they eat.  His favorite is the triceratops.

Em gives me gray hair on the daily.  She climbs EVERYTHING.  You don’t think she can scale the stools? OH YES SHE CAN.  Little lady is as determined as ever to give me a heart attack.

Weekly pool adventures are always interesting.  Two toddlers that can’t swim… Mom of the Year over here hmm.  But they love going down the water slides and playing on the splash pads.  Some of my favorite memories from the summer revolve around water with these two.

Two weeks ago we got the band back together to celebrate the stunning Bride-To-Be! Can’t wait to be a part of her special day!  Eleven years and counting with these lovely ladies. Love them so much!

The last few pictures are from today! Second day of “Fall” and we hit the zoo!  Hours of fun with these two-and now I am off to go grab my baby girl- apparently the car nap was sufficient enough. Goodtimes.

Any plans for the week? Fall festivals? 

We are going to our first festival on Sunday!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

So honored to announce that As Cute as a Bug’s Ear has been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! This blogger award is given by bloggers to other fellow bloggers who keep the blogishere a beautiful place.

Once you get nominated, there are a few rules to follow, which include:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Thank you Megan & JoAnn at A Whimsicle Life for nominating me!)
2.  List the rules and display the award.
3.  Share 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them.

Seven facts about As Cute as a Bug’s Ear:

1.  The blog’s name is derived from a saying that my grandmother used when we were growing up. And no, bug’s do not have ears. :)
2.  I am a former teacher and high school coach. I miss teaching-but nothing is as fulfilling as teaching my own children.
3.  The blog started as an online baby book, documenting my pregnancy and the first year of my children’s lives. Now it has grown into a creative outlet that I am proud of and hopefully will continue to grow with our family.
4.  I’ve painted every room of our house, the exterior of our two story house, and I’ve fixed and installed four major appliances. DIY in training. Plus I could never pay thousands for someone to do what I can do. I’m cheap like that.
5.  I’ve had over 100 stitches, ribs popped out of place, and one measly broken toe. 
6.  I blog when my children are sleeping- so on no nap days- that means from 9PM-Midnight- and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
7.  I am going to my first major Blog Conference in a few weeks and I am equal parts nervous and excited.  I know I will learn so much from other fabulous bloggers-but socially it is frightening putting myself out there.

I am so excited to nominate my fellow bloggers! All of these lovely ladies are fabulous and very deserving of the award.


Courtney & Julie @The Chirping Moms

Congratulations to all of the nominees and thank you again to JoAnn & Megan at The Whimsicle Life for nominating me!

Any tips for attending my first conference?

Packing list?  I can use all the help I can get!

Thank you so much for reading!  I feel beyond blessed to have you all as readers- thank you so much for supporting my little family!

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