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#FitMadeFun MommyParty

September 6, 2014 was Fit Made Fun Day!

The day was a celebration across the nation to inspire kids everywhere to get up and be active!  LeapFrog recognizes the importance of active play and celebrated the launch of LeapBand which is making fitness fun.  In Santa Monica, California there were hundreds of children and their parents joined together to break THREE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS. THREE.  

The records included: The most people hopping on one foot simultaneously (321); the most people creating sand angels (292); and the most people performing the swim dance (318).

Mia Hamm was a big proponent and supporter of #FitMadeFun Day.  She was present for the Santa Monica festivities and I for one was extremely jealous of all of the Californians that were able to be present.  I played soccer through college and Mia Hamm is one of the greats of soccer.  All of soccer.  I was lucky enough to attend the 1999 World Cup when the U.S. Women Won the first ever gold! I LOVED that she is involved in making sure kids get active and fit!

CLIF Kid ZBar Protein Bars

Each bar contains 5g of complete protein and contains with 70% organic ingredients, offers an excellent source of calcium, and is a good source of Vitamin D, iron and zinc.  ZBar Protein leaves out partially-hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives and artificial flavors and contains zero grams of trans fat.

For our party we served fabulous, healthy recipes- broke out all of our sports balls/jump-ropes/frisbees- and played our little hearts out!  All of the adults kept talking about how user-friendly the LeapBands are. Which is completely true.  You set-up your LeapBand online and your child earns the ability to get new animals and earns food and rewards.  

I wanted to show you just how excited he was when he got a band, “Just like mom and dad!” He literally talked our ears off for thirty minutes about how happy he was… we didn’t even take it out of the box and he was talking about his special band and how excited he was to help the animals.


The Toddler used the LeapBand for three days before the party and RELISHED in being able to care for his pets. 


1. Customize & Play: Pick a pet and choose its name and color; then get active with your pal.
2. Learn Healthy Habits: Feed your pal healthy snacks and learn about nutrition with fun facts.
3.  Keep Your Pet Happy: Bath, feed and groom your pet to earn more points and unlock pet accessories.
4.  Track Activity
5.  Audio Challenges
6.  Earn Points


-Audio Instructions: This helps The Toddler with taking instructions and being able to use the LeapBand all by himself.
-Rechargable Battery
-Water Resistant
-Parent Controls: This should be mandated in all electronics geared toward children. Love it.

#FitMadeFun Recipes

Strawberry Lime Water Recipe

-30 cups of water
-Fresh Strawberries
-3-4 Limes
-Fresh Mint Leaves

CLIF Kid ZBar DIY Parfait Station(Set-Up in Kitchen)
Individual yogurt cups for each guest
-CLIF Kid ZBars: Crumbled

CLIF Kid Fruit Rope Snack Mix
-CLIF Kid Fruit Ropes
-Caramel Popcorn
-Pecan Halves

Zucchini Tots
-3 cups shredded potatoes
-3 small zucchinis, shredded
-3/4 cup cornmeal
-3/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
-1 teaspoon kosher salt
-freshly ground black pepper
-1 teaspoon onion powder
-Coconut Oil(Supposed to be 3 Eggs- Food Allergy)

Healthy Habits Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
1. Print out healthy snack options with letters A-Z
2.  Hide them around the house.
3.  Say “GO” and all of the children should be on the lookout to collect the most healthy snacks.
4. The child with the most healthy snacks at the end of the hunt WINS!
5.  Prize: Trays of CLIF Kid ZBars to pass out to everyone. Win-Win.

Frogs on the Lily Pad Game

The Toddler is showing you a couple of prompts that occur when you press the challenge button on the LeapBand.  We played a game in the backyard with multiple all-weather pillows. 

1. Choose three children to be frogs. Have them stand in a line with wide spaces between them, facing the rest of the children, who should be at a distance.
2.  The other children should be in a line with the first two in line wearing LeapBands.
3.  Have each frog squat into a frog position on their “lily pad”.
4. The adult in charge then yells, “Frogs on the Lily Pads!” and the frogs should begin leaping in place on their lily pads.
5.  Meanwhile, the children wearing the LeapBands will then press the challenge button on their LeapBand to hear one of the prompts.  They must then perform that action as they try to move/zig-zag between the frogs without being tagged by a leaping frog. (For example: If the prompt says “wiggle like a worm” the child must “wiggle like a worm” through the “lily pads” to the end.)
6.  Any child that does get tagged by a leaping frog is now a frog and must take off the LeapBand to give another child a chance, and then they must squat on their own lily pad.
7.  Those who make it through can get back in line and get another chance to move through the lily pads, but anyone who ends up tagged by a leaping frog must join the frogs.
8.  Continue the game until everyone has been caught.

I am so beyond thankful of the opportunity from MommyParty to host! The Toddler has given his seal of approval and I am overjoyed that this product does everything that I hoped it would and more.  Honestly, this is an electronics purchase that is a must.  As a former teacher and an active mother- I am hoping that his helps promote a healthier lifestyle for kids and families across the nation.  This is a holiday must-have for 2014.  Check them out at your local store- we have them at our Super Target! Target for the win!

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I received free products in order to host the LeapFrog and CLIF Kid sponsored MommyParty.  All opinions as always are 100% my own.