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Happy Halloween: Trick OR Treat Toddlers

We started off Halloween this year with a fun event at our local community center.  Bubble Blast with both of my toddlers ended up being hilariously awesome as always.  We were covered by bubbles from head to toe after our two hour excursion.  Last year we were in our skeleton pajamas watching Monsters INC and then sporting our Monster outfits for trick or treating.


 My little monster & firefighter.


She may or may not have dumped three discs full of bubble mix before realizing that’s not what you’re supposed to do…


 Sweet Em


LAST YEAR: Pumpkin Carving



While Em napped, Raymond and I got out costumes and he helped put all of our beloved pumpkins on the table.




 Little Strawberry Shortcake & Fireman





Kissing the pumpkin goodbye as we set out for trick or treat.  Last year Em was in a baby carrier and Raymond was in an umbrella stroller- we were bold this year and thought that both of our independent tikes would enjoy being on their own.  Luckily we were right and two hours later we made our way walking home.


Lucky that our neighborhood is such a family-friendly area.  Our neighbors put out bonfires in the cul-de-sacs, play spooky music, and are well aware of little ones that could be spooked by scary costumes.  As a food allergy parent I was thrilled to see that there were a good 15+ Teal Pumpkins in our little area.  I can’t wait to see how the movement takes off next year!




She dragged her pumpkin behind her most of the night. Lord help you if you tried to help- she would go limp noodle and lay like she were dying in the middle of the road. Lovely.  At least she never complained about the load or walk!


Hope you all had a safe Halloween!


Did you see any Teal Pumpkins in your neighborhood?(allergy-friendly non-candy options)

Any other communities do bonfires?

Would love to hear from you!