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Three Years Old: Birthday Celebration




























Usually I am all about the “perfect” Pinterest-Worthy set-up for birthdays… but this year, at three it was his choice.  He picked out every little detail and loved all of the surprises we planned throughout the day.


The night before I put up all of the decorations, got out all of his favorite goodies, and baked him an allergy-free cake.  When he woke up in the morning he literally “ooohhed” and “ahhed” downstairs and took his time looking at everything that was for HIS birthday.  He remembers clearly when Em had her first birthday and was so excited that his big day was finally here!

We jumped right in the car and headed to go on our coffee date.  A cup of whip-cream befitting a king was bestowed upon him at Starbucks and he proudly showed the other patrons before slowly devouring the cup.  After licking the cup clean we hit the rode to the zoo.  One of his most favorite places in the whole world.  We looked at all of the animals, rode the carousel, played with the sting rays, and visited his favorite of the day, the rhino(changes weekly).

On the way home, we told him we would go to Chipotle and he screamed in glee! One of the only places we can eat(allergy-friendly) and his favorite food of all time.  He kept saying what he was going to eat, his order, over and over until we arrived.

He proudly announced that it was his birthday and relished in the attention during lunch.

When we got home after Em napped we opened presents, blew out candles and ate way too much sugar!  I loved that he picked out the plates, the napkins, the cake, the type of cake and frosting, and all of the colors.  Such a special day for our little man.

The next day he proudly proclaimed that he was now, in fact, a big boy.  Big boys go potty on the potty(he does), and walk instead of being carried as he explained to me.

Love my big boy.