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A Day at the Farm



On Saturday, after a week of an awful case of the flu we finally ventured outside!  We visited one of our favorite local farms to just enjoy the cooler weather, splash in puddles, and devour their fabulous goodies. YUM.


Every time we go to Schnepf’s Farm we take a picture on this bench.  They have already grown so much since the Pumpkin and Chili Festival and this past spring’s Peach Festival. Cue the mom sigh. Oh, and since we watch The Grinch- Raymond thought he would be just like him at the beginning of the movie with a piece of straw in his mouth. Pretty hilarious.

A boy and trains.  He has been wishing for a train set for the last couple of months and it’s what he plans on asking Santa for this next week.

This sweet jacket was mine when I was just a year old- if you do the math quickly that means it is at least 29 years old- so it’s vintage. Emma Marie LOVED wearing it and the bear on the zipper is something she always “oohs and aahhs” over.

Two months ago we were picking out pumpkins by these trees.  They played in real leaves- many of the trees here do not lose their leaves-so this was a real treat for them.  Wearing their boots-playing in the leaves-stomping in puddles.


Raymond grabbed her hand and told her that they were, “Going this way!” and they took off.  But not before Emma Marie turned back to check to see if it was okay.  She isn’t hesitant about much-why she is the one scaling furniture that you would never believe could be climbed.  Such sweet moments.






Right outside the country store. My husband and I were eating a cinnamon roll-goodness was it delicious-and they just wanted to hang out by the Christmas lights in their big chairs.



Schnepf’s Farm sells all sorts of homemade treats- fresh bakery goodies-salsas-jams-jellies-and more!  We picked up an ice-cream come full of goat feed and trekked to the back of the farm to feed the goats.  To our surprise their were lots of baby goats! Raymond and Emma Marie could not contain their excitement and we spent easily an hour feeding the goats, saying “hi” to all of them, and watching the babies play.

I can’t wait to take my neices to the farm when they arrive from Hawaii for the holidays!  Two Hawaiian baby girls at the farm! Perhaps a cousin picture with all of them in the frame? Yep, one can hope!


Are there local farms that you can go to?

Any fun plans for the holidays?


I would love to hear from you!