Daily Archives: January 6, 2015

Our New Year



Snow in the desert! YES.YES.YES. The day after we visited the Phoenix Zoo to celebrate the New Year in snowy style, a large section of Arizona was covered in the cold, white stuff.  I’ve lived here for nearly twelve years and it has only snowed in Tucson once-until now! Our family from Hawaii got a pleasant surprise when they woke up to the blanket of snow-three inches in the high country.  My nieces are obsessed with Frozen and they just about had the best time making their own Olaf!

The last time these two saw snow was at the Phoenix’s Zoo Snow in July program.  I love that this time around I didn’t have to pry off Raymond to get him to play in the snow.  He would’ve stayed there all day if he could.  We made a small snowman-not as big as our Cowboy Snowman in July-but he enjoyed the process.  We were getting pelted with rain and stinging winds(seriously so abnormal for us) so the texture wasn’t quite right for building successful shapes of any kind.  Raymond realized that another family was having a snowball fight and… well, Emma and my husband ran for dry ground and I stayed and got pelted with snowballs.  Days later Raymond still recounts how much “screaming” I was making during our snowball fight. Pretty priceless.



Wearing Big Brother’s old Spiderman coat.  Little Miss Em was definitely cautious and the wind made her just a bit too cold.  Note to self: perhaps find snow pants next time.  The stormy weather is a rarity in our area and we like to embrace it whenever possible.  Puddle jumping, snowman making, you name it-we are out in the elements.


The happiest boy you ever did see.

After the zoo we came home and tucked them in for a nice, warm nap.  Both thoroughly exhausted and happy.  Our New Year’s Eve included Olive Garden Take-Out=DELICIOUS, watching our Arizona Wildcats play in the Fiesta Bowl, and what do you know? We made it up until the East Coast Celebrations.  Lights out at ten made it even more perfect!

How did you ring in the new year? Did you manage to stay up? Attend a fancy party?

Goodness I would love to go out and get dolled up one of these years to have a date night with my husband!