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Zoo Lights in Phoenix-Family Tradition


Zoo Lights in the desert at the Phoenix Zoo! Perfect clear weather to enjoy a night out with family and friends.  Since I was really little in the Pacific Northwest, we always went to Zoo Lights.  We would bundle up, grab hot cocoa(or a fancy coffee as we got older) and enjoy a night outside with our family.  Ever since Raymond was born we have kept up the tradition, locally, and thoroughly enjoyed taking our family from out of town.




Emma Marie and Raymond thought it was interesting that we were in the car for so long in the dark… they go to bed at 7PM so this was a treat(crazy idea) to go so late.  The camera flash was definitely the evil of the night… every single picture was met with angry glares and or trying to cover one’s face.  The one picture we got of all four of us is a tad blurry from Raymond trying to cover his eyes while yelling, “No”. I definitely agreed with him-hence the solo photo of all four of us.

Aunt Rachel got in quality time with all of the little ones during her break with us.  My beautiful niece Makena-LOVED cuddling up with her. We all loved watching her snuggle our babies.


Sweet Kailani loved being up high with my brother-in-law Bill.  She was such a trooper… both of my little Hawaiian nieces were clad in snow suits and lasted a good two hours of the adventure before we all headed out!

Our Hawaii family flew in on Christmas to celebrate the holidays. Can’t wait for them to move closer so that we can have more family celebrations!

Last year, for Zoo Lights 2013, I carried Em around in the Ergo- fast forward a year and she snuggled in with me for two hours.  I love how versatile the Ergo is AND how she likes being carried still.  She kept me nice and warm.  Baby wearing for the win!


And here is the Cactus… the guy in the suit, wearing a cactus.

Yes, you had to be there.

We decided to take pictures on the way out by the cactus for our Arizona Christmas Holiday.  Loved continuing the Zoo Lights tradition.


Do you have Zoo Lights in your city?  

Is there a holiday tradition that you love continuing from when you were little?


Would LOVE to hear from you!