Daily Archives: March 23, 2015

Preschool Sign-Up

Today brings a wash of emotions.  Today we signed up Raymond for preschool.

He is more than ready and all things considering should have been enrolled in a preschool this past fall.  Unfortunately we could not find a preschool that we were comfortable with their safety regulations for food allergies.  Peanuts and Gluten are life threatening.

Life or Death in under five minutes.

Stark picture and not one that I was willing to wager with the lack of health standards in our surrounding communities.

Just a reality of the daily struggle.




Upon finding our preschool we let out a resounding sigh.  He will be in a safe environment conducive for learning and socializing with kids his age.  Something I think every parent wants for their own children.

As we were filling out the forms this morning there was a line that made my skin crawl.  Who is NOT allowed to check out your child from school.

The mood became ominous as we realized that we didn’t have enough room to fill in all of the names.  Evil exists in this world.  Our evil can be named.

The threat is real.  The threats have been written down and sent to us.  They have been notarized and filed with our local police department.

The problem has already been remedied and our preschool has a list of all aliases of those known persons.

I sit here in silence.  Listening to the noise machines through the baby monitors.  Trying desperately to shake the feeling of uneasiness that comes with such a tragic truth.

I am my son’s advocate.  Through food allergies, heart problems, and even Pure Evil.  I will never stop fighting and making sure that he grows up in a safe and healthy environment.  I will do everything in my power to secure his future in this world.

Today was just a slap in the face.  A truth we don’t talk about.  A pain we bear silently.

To my son, today is the day that he got to see his preschool.  The day he has been anxiously waiting for.

And I am beyond grateful that for him, it was a joyous occasion met with giggles and the happiest of happy dances.

Happy dances do conquer all.