Daily Archives: March 24, 2015

Spring Wish List




1. Matching Salt Water Sandals for Em and I.  Out here in the desert we LIVE in sandals.  The temperatures are already hitting low 90s this week and Emma Marie prefers to wear sandals when we give her the choice.  Would LOVE to snap up a matching set in pink.

2. ZiGiny- Loreta Open Toe Wedge Sandal I wore these on Valentine’s Day, for a wedding shower, and in the wedding two weeks ago.  Eight hours on my feet and my toes were feeling good! Love how comfortable wedges are!

3. Old Navy Active Compression Capris– I own three-four pairs and some of them are a bit too big now.  I am thankful for losing four sizes but my closet and workout clothes are a bit bare now.  I love how durable these are and that the sets I own have lasted for years!

4. Old Navy Active Compression Tanks– I am now at the point where I no longer need to double-up on sports bras! WOOHOO! Less laundry.  I own one of these tanks in purple and make sure to put it in the next load of laundry so that I can wear it 3 times a week.  I wish I was kidding.

5. Nike Shorts– I have two pairs of these in navy and black but they are WAY too big now.  I am working on buying two sizes down now and slowly building up my wardrobe.  Really shouldn’t have donated all of my college clothes…

I am definitely working on finding a desk so that I no longer roam around the house putting work papers and contracts in different places.  I am beyond ready to have a designated work space and will be prowling around garage sales and the Goodwill looking for a solid wood beauty.  I am now starting to try to save up for a Mac Book.  My old PCs are just not cutting it.  I used Mac for teaching and am longing for a dependable laptop this next year.  That is a MAJOR wish.


What is on your Wish List this Spring?  Would love to hear from you!