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Easter: Egg Coloring & Backyard Egg Hunt


Loved truly being able to color eggs this year with our two little ones.  Whenever I am working on something in the kitchen Raymond asks if I need help and he pulls up our stool to do his part.  He helped drop those color tabs in this year and helped sort the eggs!



Love my big helper!


 Tablets dissolving is pretty impressive.


I hopped, hopped, hopped and hid about 50 empty eggs in the backyard… has to be done right away because? Bugs.  Namely? Scorpions.










 Em and her Puppy helped fill her basket.  She tip-toed around slowly filling her basket.


Raymond ran around as fast as he could filling up his basket! He finished early(basket was full) and helped Em find some of the more “hidden” eggs. Pretty priceless watching them have full conversations these days!














Our Easter at home was full of fun, a little sugar, and tons of memories.  Definitely have a couple more pictures from when the Easter Bunny hopped into our house and will be sharing later on… because? Memories!

Hope you all had a fabulous time with your family and friends this past weekend!

We are excited to be hosting and Avengers Party… so many crafts… so little time!  Can’t wait to show you all about how we celebrate the Superheroes in our lives!  #AvengersUnite

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