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Disneyland Trip: Toddler & Preschooler FAVORITES

Our vacation to California was FULL of  fun and daily adventures.  One of the highlights of our trip was definitely going to Disneyland with our two kids.  Going to Disneyland with a toddler(almost two) and preschooler(three year old) went swimmingly thanks to using our list from A DAY at Disneyland: Tips & Tricks.



Our day started off with Breakfast at the Plaza Inn with the characters.  Delicious all you can eat meal-probably my favorite at Disneyland( toddler eats free-high-five).  All of the characters come around to the table(multiple times) and hangout for pictures and delighting the kids-young and old alike.  Emma Marie screamed, “TIGGER!!!” when the bouncy figure entered our area.  We only own one book about Tigger, so apparently we need to up our stash.  Emma Marie just about lost it when Minnie realized that Em had on a Minnie dress… commence cutest gushing moment ever.  Minnie also taught Raymond about how to kiss a lady on the hand.  He kept trying to fistbump her. Mom fail.

Raymond’s favorite characters had to be Captain Hook-who is a giant character-which makes him all the more menacing.  He also loved the always hilarious Chip & Dale who were constantly getting into little fights.  Breakfast and a show.

Emma Marie stole all of my croissants.  Girl’s got good taste. Literally.

As with last year we emailed ahead of time to let each restaurant know that Raymond has multiple life-threatening food allergies.  The Head Chef comes out and asks what he would like and makes the meal themselves.  Love that we can eat safely at the happiest place on Earth.

We parked our stroller outside and made sure to have my fanny pack, and the backpack with us.  We actually left our stroller at the “stroller parking” in front of the Plaza Inn for over five hours.  With an almost two year old and three year old they truly wanted to walk most of the time- much slower-but we weren’t in a hurry to get anywhere.


Favorite Rides

Emma Marie:

Emma Marie was ALL about the slower character rides.  Last year she loved going on Pirates of Caribbean-but this year it was a little too real.  Her favorites were Dumbo, the Carousal-only on a purple horse– girl knows what she wants, Autotopia, and the train.  We rode Autotopia twice- each time she declared that she would have a purple car to drive-unbeknownst to her we don’t get to choose the colors of our cars.  Well luck would have it that the second time we rode the sparkliest purple car you’ve ever seen screeched to a halt in front of us.  It was fate.  The happiest of dances were had and we were off to the races. Girl couldn’t reach the pedal but loved steering us on our journey.  Made for one bumpy ride.





Raymond loved going on Star Tours.  He LOVES Star Wars and we were pretty excited that he was tall enough to go on it this year.  The ride has been updated since the last time I’ve gone on it and there are three parts to every ride that change each time on your 3D adventure.  Darth Vader attacked us, giant sea monsters, rogue storm troopers, and other surprises that I will not giveaway.  He rode Star Tours SIX times.

Every single ride that has a height restriction has a Rider Swap program.  You simply wait through the ride once and upon exiting(or about to get on the ride-differs greatly) you ask one of the Disney Personnel for a Ride Swap pass.  This enables the family member(s)-up to three- to go the fast pass way OR the back entrance.  What should take 30-45 minutes to get on a ride then takes less than five minutes.  Hence the SIX times Raymond was able to ride.





With a toddler and preschooler this time around there were a lot more things to just see and touch.  We wandered through Toon Town opening all of the doors and ringing all of the doorbells… don’t forget to set-off the fireworks if you find yourselves there and scare the crap out of other tourists.

We took time to travel around on the Train for two entire laps as the kids just needed a break and we happily relaxed.  Emma Marie slept soundly the whole tour and Raymond took delight in watching the Conductor and waving at everyone.

Tiki Family


Thanks to Scooby Doo our family has a thing for Tiki’s- next year we will have to watch the show-but waiting in long lines just aren’t our cup of tea.

Looking back at our photos I now know that I am the only one that didn’t attempt to get the Sword out of the Stone.  And if you are lucky enough, some say that the Wizard appears and asks for a strong volunteer… the large man or woman chosen never are able to claim The Sword- but upon a second victor to be chosen-a child is able to wield The Sword.  Would LOVE to be present at such a sight.


Raymond tried his hardest.


Emma Marie gave a big shake and tried to release The Sword.


And last, but certainly not least.

Disneyland with Walt

As the park started to shut-down we bundled up and took a leisurely walk back to the shuttle.  We stopped off to get a picture with Walt- the kids were not impressed- but they did, “OHHH and AHHH,” each time we entered the Castle.   The hubby and I celebrated with a coffee at the Disneyland Starbucks-who has old fashioned phones that the kids went nuts over-and I grabbed a commemorative mug-because coffee is my love language.

As we slowly exited we high-fived each-other.  The only tears shed were when a forty-five year old woman saw Woody and literally ran Emma Marie over.  I know she is small… BUT SERIOUSLY?!? Emma Marie smacked the ground face-first(how is that possible?) and her tooth went through her lip.  Blood gushed everywhere and the mom just said, “Sorry,” as she kept running toward the character.  There was no line for Woody.

Color me un-impressed.

BUT that was after dinner and all of the rides.  So Emma Marie just cuddled with me after we got the bleeding stopped.  So an entire day and night without tears of frustration with a toddler AND preschooler meant for another successful trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.  Thankful that they are still talking about their favorite moments and that we were able to make family memories together once again.


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What are your favorite rides at Disneyland?  

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