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Memorial Day Weekend: Family Update

  Prepped and READY to go! Star Spangled Marshmallows for #MemorialDay – check out the blog for #recipe 😍   A photo posted by Holly Marie (@ascuteasabugsear) on

Thankful for all who gave everything today. #MemorialDay A photo posted by Holly Marie (@ascuteasabugsear) on

Loved our weekend full of family and fun. We explained what Memorial Day truly means to Raymond this year and he gets it. Thankful for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. They are the reason we can have weekends like these. We will never forget their sacrifice.

The greatest intentions to do a BIG barbecue led us to realizing we didn’t thaw any of our stash of meat-major fail. But the kids didn’t know the difference and we had some sweet treats to eat as we relished in our time together outside. I am crossing my fingers that the ten bushes I planted make it. The desert is quite cruel and I have a history of killing plants. So there’s that.

How was your Memorial Day Weekend?

Did you celebrate the holiday with a special tradition?

Would LOVE to hear from you!

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