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The BEST Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe


The BEST Cold Brew Iced Coffee


1 ½ Cups of ground coffee

3 Tbsp. of ground cinnamon

6 Cups of water

Pour ingredients in to large glass jar.  Stir well, soaking all of the grounds and mixing up the cinnamon.


Cold Brew Mix

Let stand in your refrigerator for 18-24 hours.  We always make a double batch so that we don’t run out of our precious cold brew.  There is a distinct taste difference if you don’t wait the allotted time.

You will need to strain the coffee from the jar.  We use a real filter with an added paper coffee filter placed inside for double the straining power.  We prefer the smooth taste with two filters- but you can definitely use the filter out of your coffee pot, a paper filter, or a french press.


Coffee Cup Convert

We use mason jars as glasses in our house.  Did so before Pinterest was invented…

Fill up your glass with ice.  


Pure Cold Brew Coffee

Pour the cold brew coffee over your ice.  Enjoy.


The Winning Combination

For those with a sweet tooth add in your favorite creamer– my favorite is Sweet Cream-all natural and delicious!


Bliss in a Jar

Stir & Enjoy!

As we head into the summer months this has become our morning favorite!  But I am pretty sure I am a full-blown cold brew coffee convert.  It tastes perfect.  Plus, this saves us a TON of money on fancy drinks that we used to buy elsewhere.  Now we make better tasting coffee at home.


What is your favorite coffee add-in?  Or do you prefer unsweetened cold brew?

Have you tried making cold brew coffee before?


Let me know if you have any questions!  Would LOVE to hear from you!


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Top 10 BEST Tips to Get Road Trip Ready

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.
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Our family vacations always include road trips to reach our destination. As a family with young children it is MUCH more affordable than flying and with these top ten BEST tips, hopefully painless.



We just spent 18 glorious hours in the car together as a family. Thankfully that was just the trip total. With a little planning ahead of time you can make ANY road trip successful with these tips.

Snacks & Bottled Water

When people get hungry, they get HANGRY. At least that’s life in our little family. As a food-allergy family that means taking extra time to pack tons of “non-messy” snack options. This usually includes two boxes of dry cereal and four tupperware containers full of Food Allergy-Friendly Trail Mix. Delicious and Nutritious.  Baby Food Pouches- Pumpkin for Raymond and Apple for Emma Marie are a sure way to not make a mess and are easy to store.  We always plan to grab lunch on the road at our halfway point… milkshakes in the middle of the desert have never tasted so good! I always try to pack a few goodies that help hold us over for thirty more minutes… like rice krispy treats which are sold in a disastrously large box at my favorite big box store. We always pack up our water bottles and add in two extra water bottles per person. This is where my husband wants to let you know to bring an empty one in case of emergency. I guess you’ve been warned.


Emergency Kit

Better safe, than sorry. Our road trips take us into the middle of the desert where service stations are 60 miles a part or more. Worst Case Scenarios can be made just a little better with some items that could tide you over until help arrives-or can even help you get to safety. Our Homemade Kit includes: Flares, Flashlights, Safety-Vest, First Aid Kit, Fix-a-Flat, Blanket, Snack Bars, and even more water bottles. We crossed the desert before the real summer heat kicked in, but we always error on the safe side.



Superhero Masks

I don’t think I’ve laughed harder, nor longer while traveling out through the desert. My husband and two children wore various sets of Superhero Masks throughout our travels and stayed true to character while re-enacting their famous lines. Emma Marie proudly wore the Hulk mask and chanted, “Hulk SMASH!”, while laughing maniacally. She is my daughter. My husband, Bat Dad, as he likes to be referred to while in character quietly dispersed snacks and tidbits of wisdom on the trip, all the while tweeting people’s reactions to passing Batman in a Honda Pilot. Raymond maintained composure and kept reassuring us the, “Everything is going to be fine,”.

Laughter is a gift. One that serves you well on hour six with a one and three year old.

Oil Change

I take my car maintenance seriously. I took auto-shop when I was in high school and know exactly what it looks like when you don’t treat your car like a machine… it breaks, badly. We saw time and again how much damage it would cause an engine to be low on oil or worse be run on dirty oil for long periods of time. We always, always take our cars in to get oil changes before road trips and when the mileage mandates.


Walmart Automotive Care Center

I know what a difference the next level up means in car care from first hand experience. Unfortunately, sometimes people are told that they always need to get “fill in the blank” fixed and therefore paying just a bit more for the oil change seems like just another rip-off. It’s not. Your car will treat you the way you treat them. Although most cars are quite fine with the basic oil-change, as long as it is done regularly-I know that my car(which we are keeping FOR-EV-ER-Sandlot Style with a flashlight-Google it) performs better with the Platinum Pennzoil Oil Change from my neighborhood Walmart.

Pennzoil-oil-selection-at-walmart-auto-center PENNZOIL-PLATINUM


From June 10th – September 9th, Pennzoil oil changes will be on Rollback at Walmart Automotive Care Center stores.

  • High Mileage $35.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $39.88. {Industry standard price is $46}
  • Platinum Full Synthetic $45.88, compared to the regular Walmart price of $49.88. {Industry standard price $66}

I get all of my Road Trip Shopping done, while my car gets an oil change. Some things that you may not know about Pennzoil-

  • All Pennzoil products help clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind.
  • Pennzoil is designed for complete protection and will allow you to drive an extra of 550 miles per year vs. a dirty engine.
  • No other motor oil provides better protection from friction.

It should be noted that while my Pilot receives the Platinum Oil Change, our Prius(another car for life) received the Conventional Package until we hit over 75,000 miles and are now on the High Mileage Vehicle Oil.

It pays in the long run to keep your car running and healthy. A little bit of planning and oil can go a long way.

Tire Pressure

Keeping your tires to the correct pressure can save you at the gas pump. We always fill-up our tires the day before at the corner gas station while we fill up the tank. Please make sure you fill up your tires to the correct pressure. Under and Over inflation are seriously dangerous. Our car goes 75-85 MPH on the freeway and the desert heat makes things much touchier and could cause a blow-out. Keep your love ones safe and check this regularly.


When life hands you a screaming one year old? Chant: I think I can… Desperate times folks.

You will arrive at your destination.  Emma Marie thinks she is singing, bless her heart, but to everyone else it sounds like she is having an epic, EPIC meltdown.

Gas Stations

Our Road Trips take us through many deserted deserts where there are 85-90 miles between rest stops and civilization. Unless you carry around another tank of gas for emergencies(we don’t), you will need to plan ahead on your route. As we cross state lines on our trip we make sure to always fill up on the cheaper side. We save over 30-50 cents a gallon that way. Plus you need to make sure that when you hit those large pockets of the lonely open road that you have enough in your tank to get you to the next stop. It may sound like common sense but we saw at least five people walking with gas tanks to their vehicles. Know your route.

Rest Stops

With a potty trained three year old we were quite concerned about giving him enough options while on our Road Trip. Two years ago all of the Rest Stops were closed down in our State and that led to some interesting road-side stops in the desert. We are beyond thankful that they are back open and we stopped every two hours on our trip to give our family a break. No accidents on the trip, but one close call on a Toll Road in California… you can’t exit a toll road and get back on without incurring an extra fee so we just used the very large median and were thankful for the wooded area. My husband thought the empty bottle trick might work, but we couldn’t get a straight answer out of our preschooler on which way that trip would go… so woods it was.


Remember there IS a reason you are traveling.  Find your happy spot.


Our family is a little young for typical Road Trip Games like the License Plate Game, Slug Bug, and Travel Bingo(although I will be printing out one for next time) so we packed the Superhero Masks. Please let it be known that those were worth their weight in gold. My husband also loaded up the iPad with movies that were “kind to the ears”- nothing I hate more when driving for hours is listening to a movie that isn’t easy on the ears-giving a big ole mean stare at Cars-Lightening McQueen just isn’t awesome to listen to… SO Finding Nemo, Frozen, and Toy Story were our Mom Approved Options. All were enjoyed throughout the trip.

Baby Wipes & Trash Bags

There are a multitude of things you can clean with baby wipes… and we always pack two boxes for in the car.  Always.  Plus as a food-allergy parent it helps to clean off “suspect” traces of food on tables at rest stops or restaurants. Bleach or Cleaning wipes do not remove food allergens.  Who knew?  Chalk it up to another reason we bring these bad boys with us.  On our Family Road Trip three years ago, one hour from home just as we hit the open desert Raymond projectile puked and literally filled up his car seat with GOO.  Apparently, his reaction to eggs(unbeknownst to us at the time) became more severe with every encounter and a small bite of a hard boiled egg rendered our small Prius a disaster zone.  Baby Wipes to the rescue!  Blow out? The diaper kind? Yes, those are in a league of their own.  That is another reason we keep a small container of plastic bags to dispose of problems that arise on our trips.


The Whole Beach We Brought Back

Start with a Clean Car

My husband is adamant about starting with a clean car on each of our Family Road Trips.  He cleans it out-top to bottom.  I do not have the foggiest idea why you would want to take the time to clean out your car BEFORE you go on your trip. Okay, perhaps it is nice that it doesn’t smell like three day old shoes(that somehow got forgotten under the seat) and that there is a nice clean place to put all of my diet cokes… because caffeine is my friend when I’m driving.  We sure brought the whole entire beach back with us… but I must admit, climbing into the car being squeaky clean isn’t that bad.  Especially when I didn’t have to do any of the cleaning.  Chalk it up to being the driver!



Our Family Road Trip was a complete success and I would like to thank these Top Ten Tips to getting Road Trip Ready.  The list above is my mental checklist whenever we start to plan and pack for a trip with our family.  Our trip to visit California, see family, and of course visit the Happiest Place on Earth was wonderful!

I shared my favorite tips to getting Road Trip Ready.  Now I would love to hear from you!

What are some tips and tricks that work for you on road trips?

What adventure are you off to this summer?  Visiting family?  Perhaps a trip to see Minnie? 


Would love to hear from you!


Challenger Sports-British Soccer Camp

Soccer is my favorite.  Seriously, I played competitively for over 18 years.  I LOVE the sport, love that it is a team sport, and LOVE that you can play it well into adulthood.  I need to sign-up for an over 30 program so I can be the young one…

That being said after being asked multiple times about playing on a “soccer team” by Raymond we finally decided we could start with a Little Kickers Camp to break in the game.  Soccer at this age needs to be FUN and primarily used as a social outing-one that helps with social skills and to start listening to a “coach”.


Challenger Sports

I wrote about our decision in enrolling Raymond in the Challenger Sports-British Soccer Camps here: Soccer Camp for my Preschooler. I stand firm that he was more than ready for the Little Kickers Program geared toward 3-4 year olds.  At an hour a day the camp was definitely long enough and all of the kids were sweaty, filthy, and happy after each session.


Soccer Gear


Indoor Shoes- you can buy ACTUAL indoor soccer shoes, but as his feet are growing a centimeter a minute we just went with tennis shoes.  I wouldn’t actually recommend investing in indoor shoes until your kid hits middle school.

Water Bottle- one that your child can open on their own.  A mom bought their kid a new “soccer water bottle” which was sweet and extra special, but didn’t have her child try opening it. As the parents sit on the opposite side of the field(and glass) it took awhile for her to run over during the water break and open it.

Shin Guards- Raymond is wearing a size for fifth graders-long legs-and I am thankful he was shopping with me as I would have purchased the smaller preschool version if I didn’t put the shin guard up against his shin.  The guard should accurately cover the entire shin- leaving a short distance(an inch or less) between that and the bottom of the knee cap.

Soccer Socks- we bought this two in one from Target-socks and shin guards.  Perfect for this age.

No Pocket Shorts- actually you can hook your fingers on other player’s shorts… yes that’s for older players usually but a three year old got taken down from a four year old’s pockets on the mean streets of the turf.


British Soccer Camp

For attending the camp, Raymond received a British Soccer Camp t-shirt and this awesome Size 3 Ball.

He kept trying to steal the 17 year olds Size 5 balls…. pretty priceless.



Little Kickers

I loved that the class size was small and definitely manageable.  Day one there were five kids and every day after had between 3-4.  Perfect size and just crazy enough to not kill their Coach Toby.  On more than one occasion, Raymond would take off toward the goal and weave in and out of the teenagers to score-all the while Coach Toby would stop the drill to count the kids… 1-2-3-4… where’s Raymond?!? You see him mentally utter an unmentionable and then TAKE OFF after him down the field.

Raymond had his eye’s on the prize.

Like 8-9 times the first day.

Poor Coach Toby.

Warm-Up Video on Wednesday- Coach Toby


Laughing and making friends.  Exactly what we wanted for his first experience.


Pint-Sized Soccer Fan

Emma Marie was a trooper and loved cheering on the other players and running the length of the field on the safe side of the glass.  BOTH of them were exhausted at the end of the hour.


First Soccer Experience

I loved every second of Raymond’s first soccer experience.  I am so glad that we started with a camp after having played in the backyard and park for the past year.  He is tremendously excited to play on a team now this year.


British Soccer Camp Coaches

The Coaches were pure gentlemen and the kids young and old were definitely comfortable with them.  As a former coach I loved seeing that they corrected players with positive reinenforcement instead of yelling… that is my BIGGEST pet peeve with sports.

Side Note: When I asked for their picture to publish more than one wished I had told them the day before, as their hair was not the way they wanted it to be… I couldn’t make that up if I wanted to.  Soccer Hair is REAL.

I definitely recommend this program for kids.  As a former player I would have wanted to be on outdoor fields where we could get in real big drills and tons of full-field competition.  As a mother of a three year old?  Thankful it was indoors and with an adequate AC system. The temperatures were in the 100s each day and poor Em and I would have melted.

Did you play sports growing up?

When did you start playing?

We grew up with my Mom coaching us in soccer and I loved playing basketball, running track, and playing competitive soccer.


Thank you to Challenger Sports for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

Safe KID Hair Care with SoCozy

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SoCozy. All opinions are as always 100% my own.


So exited that we now have SAFE options on the market available for Kid’s Hair Care. With SoCozy we now have a complete line of hair care products and multiple styling tools at our disposal. The line from is perfect for our growing household and now kid-tested AND approved. Below you will find Raymond showing you the three different styling options from the behave line and Emma Marie is smitten with the cinch line detangler- no more tugging, pulling, and tears at bedtime for us! Keep reading for an AWESOME coupon to use at!


Safe Kid Hair Care with SoCozy

When Raymond turned two and we(he) started wanting to “style”his hair we tried to find an option available that would be safe, gentle, and allergy-free. Until Raymond was diagnosed with food allergies at Age One, I never knew how many products out there contained triggers like gluten, tree-nuts, and peanuts. You would be quite alarmed to find out how many things peanuts are in… seriously, my jaw DROPPED wide open when I realized our entire pantry, skincare routine, bath routine, AND sunscreen needed to be thrown out and replaced.

Peanuts are even in dish soap and laundry detergent.



SoCozy behave Styling Tools


SoCozy is a line of salon formulas for the unique hair needs of kids between the ages of 2 and 12 years old.


SoCozy products are non-toxic and made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, propylene

glycol, gluten, wheat or nuts.

That’s right. My little worrying heart no longer has anything to fear. Raymond gets to style his hair. “All by myself!” as he likes to say every morning.



Morning Hair Routine

Up first on the styling challenge was the SoCozy behave styling cream-with a soft hold in pear-fection. After climbing up on the stool I showed Raymond just how much he should use of the cream. Raymond has really nice, thick hair thanks to his dad… oh how I do wish I had some of that extra volume.


Learning How Much Product to Use

He quickly got the hang of doing it, “All by himself,” and loved the extra independence. After about two minutes of smoothing the cream over his locks-he is patient and thorough-I used my fingers to gently brush through his hair.


SoCozy Styling Cream

The behave styling cream ended up being my favorite. I loved the soft hold and how shiny it looked in his hair. The style held throughout the day. Color me impressed.

The next product we used was the behave styling gel with a medium hold in trop-o-fish. Soccer Camp is this week and we figured trying out his crazy soccer hair style would be a perfect match with the styling gel.

We were right.


SoCozy Styling Gel

Raymond took his sweet time making a Mohawk. And yes the behave gel even conquered his thick, thick hair and landed him with a team full of high-fives at camp! Crazy Hair and Soccer go hand and hand, if you didn’t know.

I see many crazy hairstyles in our future with Mr. Independent. Fostering creativity for the win!


SoCozy Styling Mousse

The behave styling mousse with a medium hold in peachy-keen was our last styling tool we tried. Raymond loved learning how to correctly pump the mousse out and the smell was divine. His hair was shinier and firmer than with the other two options and perfect for a quick no mess or fuss style.


SoCozy cinch Detangler

Emma Marie has long hair, five times the length that Raymond had at this age. So the learning curve has been mighty fierce with figuring out just how to treat those lovely tangles. She gets tangles after a shower, before her hair is dried AND wakes up with knotted-tresses from a night full of curling her hair around her fingers.

Like mother, like daughter apparently.


Morning Hair Routine

Every morning I now can count on the cinch detangler to make our day start off tear free. It’s kind of a big deal. I know you other parent’s know what I’m talking about. Starting out our day in a fight with the brush makes for a rough morning.

I simply apply two squirts into her hair and comb through with my fingers.


Tear Free Mornings

Now Emma Marie doesn’t run and hide when I tell her we have to get ready in the morning.


Tangle Free with SoCozy

PLUS we end our days easily with the added benefit that the cinch detangler in fruity-tutti is also a leave-in conditioner that makes for a smooth transition from shower to bed.


SoCozy boo! Lice Prevention

Now that preschool is upon us it will be nice to have a little preparation AND prevention on our side.  Hopefully I don’t need to use these-BUT I am glad that I have a safe option should a kid at preschool become infected with the nasty guys.


SoCozy cinch Line

Our bathrooms smell incdreibly sweet now that SoCozy has entered our life.  Emma Marie’s favorite scent of the squeaky clean line is the guav-o-rama, while Raymond likes the mango-go.  I love how healthy their hair feels and that they can get squeaky clean after a day full of messy memories.  Check out SoCozy’s Values and then grab a coupon(or two) and head to Target!  SoCozy is now at our FAVORITE store.  Mom WIN!

SoCozy Values

So Smart – Genius is more like it. We believe knowledge is power, which is why education is at our core – the pulse of our brand. Advice, solutions, tips, trends – we serve as an extensive resource for moms, kids, stylists and salon owners.

So Safe – No nasties in here; just good, clean, honest formulations with ingredients that perform at the highest level. Safe and effective – and completely non-toxic – it’s great hair minus the harsh chemicals.

So Easy – Because being a parent isn’t always easy, we make hair care that is: simple, fun, multi-functional products that streamline tub time, as well as solutions targeting specific hair concerns to make styling a snap.

So Cool – Take a strand. Through our products, website, social channels and unique collaborations, we encourage and support individuality. All kids, any hair type – we make it our mission to build confidence and inspire originality. Being you is our idea of cool.



SoCozy Coupon Image 1

The coupon can be used TWICE… so grab two SoCozy Products on your trip to Target… not like you need a reason to go to Target… OR maybe that’s just me. Thankful that my favorite place to shop now has options for my growing family. It’s hard to find products that are truly good for our kids, especially when you consider food-allergies.


I shared a little bit about our struggle with finding quality products that work for us and now I’d love to hear from you!

What are your struggles in getting ready in the morning?

Do you have little ones with skin sensitivities or food allergies?



I received products to review and compensation from SoCozy for this post. All opinions are as always 100% my own.

Baby Food & Baby-Led Weaning

Over the last four years as a parent I’ve learned quite fast what works AND what doesn’t work for us in the meals department. One thing I do know for certain is that each child is different. Hopefully with my tips you can find something that works for you and your family.


Baby Food & Baby-Led Weaning

Home-Made vs. Store Bought

Home Made

For Raymond I made 90% of all of his pureed baby meals at home. The cost comparison is a no-brainer. I am beyond thankful that four years ago I made all of my own baby food as we soon found out Raymond has multiple life-threatening food allergies. Most of the baby food on the market contained some sort of percentage of apple with is a big trigger for him and why I am once again thankful that I made our own.

I would steam fruit and veggies-then drain them and mix them in a blender(using the water from steaming as the mixer + added health benefit) and then would put them all in freezable containers and labeled them with contents and date. Date is definitely essential as some freezers are where food goes to die… I have been definitely working on that over the last few years!

Store Bought

With Emma Marie in the picture before Raymond was even two, life got BUSY fast. The time I used to spend at night making batches of baby food were now times that I was working as their naps just never-EVER- seemed to match up. I called it Whack-a-Mole. One was always up for the first year of two babies. So I proudly made the best decision for our family and bought Beech-Nut Originals. Healthy baby-food without the added apple.

We stocked up on her favorites of Sweet Potato, Apple & Blueberry Mix, and Pears. She never turned down one that we gave her, but those were her running favorites. Peace of mind in a jar and a little bit of extra sleep…

Puree vs. Baby-Led Weaning


Raymond would not for the life of him eat anything remotely chunky. Gag Reflex like woah. So he was THRILLED to eat purees all day-every day-like it was his job. It was easy to whip up a couple batches 1-2 times every two weeks. He had puree’s every day from four months through turning a year old. The first few times learning the system of cooking and getting the consistency I wanted-smoother at the beginning and thicker as he got older- took an hour longer than any other time I went to make baby food.  The color is strikingly different than that of the same “baby food” you see in the baby food aisle.  Save for one that was “new to us” with Emma Marie.

Baby-Led Weaning

Perhaps as the second child she was a bit more adventurous. But most likely they are just different kids. Emma Marie tried to grab food off of our plates at four months. At six months she could dominate a Chipotle Burrito Bowl like she was in an eating competition. Or starving. Yes, it looked like my six month old was never fed with how fast she would down a burrito bowl. Her bowl: Brown Rice, Black & Pinto Beans, Chicken, Cheese, and Lettuce. The adult size.

At six months old I started with chunks of bite sized soft food(brush up on your baby CPR and Heimlich-I did) and she would do her darnedest to pick up the pieces and eat them. She loved a cup of black beans, grilled chicken, steamed veggies that were diced up(very small), quartered grapes, strips of waffles and the tiniest slivers of banana. She actually asked for a whole banana at eight months old and from then on out ate the banana in it’s entirety. Raymond in his wildest dreams wouldn’t have thought that was a good idea. He LOVED being spoon-fed and didn’t even hold his own bottle until he was eleven months old. (bows) Your majesty.

Remember each kid will thrive their own way. Just make sure you have an open mind.



Below you will find exactly what Baby & Toddler Meals look like at our house over the past few years.

Now onto a GIVEAWAY opportunity with a brand that my family knows and trusts!

Beech-Nut is the brand we trusted with Emma Marie and I am just so happy that they are continuously working on making healthier and more organic baby food options. All of which contain what they say they do on the front! No bait and switch marketing and added apple.


Recently I attended Mom 2.0 Summit and was able to hug some of the people that have made such an impact in the way that baby food is processed and mass produced. Seriously, the food our children eats is incredibly important to us and I hugged everyone from Beech-Nut. As an allergy-mom knowing EXACTLY what is in each of the batches is pivotal to the safety and well-being of my children.

From Beech-Nut’s Site:


Close to Home: We get the best-quality ingredients we can find, staying as close to home as we can but going where we need to in order to get the best quality.
Cold Puree: We love food just the way it is and don’t want to do anything more than what’s necessary. In order to avoid losing any nutrients or flavor, we blend our food before cooking. That’s why we call it “cold puree.”
Take the Air Out: If you’ve ever left a cut apple on the counter, you know that air can do bad things to good food. Deaeration is a fancy way of saying we take the air out of our puree. Taking the air out means we don’t have to add any artificial preservatives to keep the good stuff in. The good stuff is everything that lets you know this is real food: vibrant color, natural aroma and thick texture.
Use Indirect Heat: When we cook our real food, we use indirect heat similar to a double boiler so that none of the flavor or nutrients gets watered down. Cook time varies according to the ingredients; you wouldn’t cook a pear and a sweet potato for the same length of time, and neither would we.
Use a Glass Jar
Well, we are partnering with Beech-Nut to send FOUR lucky people FOUR cases of ORGANIC Baby Food!  I was able to sample these at Mom 2.0 Summit and quite honestly was stunned with how good they tasted.  Most times after making my own pureed food for Raymond I would shudder at the thought of tasting it… but a mom has to do what a mom has to do.  I guess I just never picked the right paired veggies and fruits!

Hip Hip Hooray!



Winners will receive ten jars of their new Organic Line of Just Carrots, Just Peas & Spinach, Just Apple, Raspberry & Avocado, Just Butternut Squash & Corn.



There are FOUR total possible entries for this giveaway. You can complete all FOUR- just make sure you tag your comment with all completed entries.
1. Leave a comment on the bottom of this post on why you would want to win a 40 Count Pack of Beech-Nut Organics. Please include your name and email in the post so that I can contact you if you are the winner!
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Winner will be chosen by and emailed. Winner will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. Giveaway ends 6/12 at 5PM Mountain Standard Time.
Check out Instagram for another way to win!
Did you/Do you use purees with your baby?
Have you tried Baby-Led Weaning?
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