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Diet Coke & Mentos: Preschool Experiment

Our weekend started off with a BANG. A Diet Coke & Mentos kind of bang. The science experiment is a true learning experience. For toddlers that can simply be following ALL of the rules for safety. For preschoolers following the rules is key, along with making assumptions, learning cause and effect, and working as a team to get the experiment loaded correctly for the optimal rocket launch.


Diet Coke & Mentos Preschool Experiment

Who doesn’t love a Rocket Launch and thereby a Rocket Launch Countdown?

That’s right.


My mother teaches middle school science and as she just moved cross-country to teach down here in the Valley of the Sun she thought she needed some updated pictures for her classroom. Along with an assortment of lava lamps, filled test tubes, x-rays, skeletons, and such she displays photographs of all of her labs she completes throughout the year in her classroom. Her students are very lucky.


Scientific Explanation & Rules to Follow

Safety First

Seriously, as with all experiments safety is always paramount. You definitely do not want to knock over the two liter of Diet Coke once the Mentos are released. Pandemonium.

Safety goggles or glasses are worn in the school setting and you should prepare yourself adequately at home.

Diet Coke & MENTOS Science Experiment


1 two liter of Diet Coke-MUST BE Diet Coke.

6 Mentos Tabs-Fruit Mentos will not work.

Geyser Tube with Release Hook



Maniacally Laughing Preschooler


Procure your ingredients.

Experiment should be done outside with plenty of room for everyone involved.

Remove the cap of the Diet Coke.

Place Geyser Tube SECURELY on Diet Coke.

Insert six Mentos.

Alert those around you and commence countdown.

Pull string(gently) and run away.

Rejoice in the simple things in life.


Running for the Hills

The science behind the Diet Coke & Mentos Experiment can be explained with the science concept of nucleation. Tiny bubbles get trapped and quickly release on the rough surface of the Mentos(like tiny craters on the moon).  Nucleation is a physical reaction that occurs when parts of a solution start to precipitate out.


Diet Coke & Mentos WIN

You can go into much greater detail here, but it really depends on the background knowledge of the learner and what other examples you use to help illustrate the science concept.


Commence the Countdown

Science is exciting.  Bill Nye was onto something with all of the explosions… but I prefer Myth Busters.  Raymond loved being in charge of all three blast offs.  The anticipation was half-the fun.



The little things in life are truly worth celebrating. Our preschooler loved learning all about this simple science experiment that can definitely grow with him as he gets older and the scientific laws can be explained in greater detail. Our toddler followed all of the rules and listened intently each time we re-set the experiment.

I always loved a great visual to help explain learning concepts in school. I am beyond grateful that my two children will be able to grow to love science as much as we did growing up.


Our weekend wrapped up with a a couple hours spent at the splashpad followed by a Girl’s Day of getting our toes and nails done.  Definitely underestimate how amazing it is to get them BOTH done.  What a treat!

How was your weekend? Any big plans or trips coming up?