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Pure Barre: Hurts So Good

Pure Barre just opened up a new location in East Gilbert!  Check out what I love about the workout and enter to win an incredible giveaway!  My body is definitely feeling the burn today and I couldn’t be happier about it.
Pure Barre East Gilbert Staff

Pure Barre Owner & Instructors at East Gilbert

Pure Barre East Gilbert opens this Monday- August 31st!  Check out the classes & sign-up for the best deal I’ve ever seen for Barre.  Five weeks of unlimited classes at the East Gilbert location for $100?!? Crazy talk!  Guess who just signed up? Yep. This girl!

So yes, this post is sponsored in part by the lovely owner of Pure Barre East Gilbert-but after one class I am hooked and used my own money(complete transparency) to buy this deal.  Oh, and I did take “before” pictures.

Can not wait to see the results after a couple weeks of classes.
IMG_0317 (2)

Pure Barre Studio

As you walk in to the bright studio entrance you are welcomed and told to sign-in.  Loved the wall of windows and natural light.  Plus it helped that Pure Barre Owner Christine Pacheco welcomed me and calmed my first class jitters.  I definitely was excited and researched what to wear to the class ahead of time, but was intrigued by their Sticky Socks.  I grabbed a pair and was beyond grateful when the shakes got me while doing the last part of the class.

Off to my first #PureBarre class! Excited & nervous! 📷:Three Year Old #momlife #purebarrelife @purebarre_eastgilbert

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Pure Barre Workout Clothes Old(almost four years old) Luluemon Wunder Unders & Old Navy Active Tank The picture was taken by my three year old of which my husband thought that I took a picture of a picture from my Nikon(definitely would’ve used a tad better angle) and after seeing the thirty outtakes my husband was impressed with his camera skills.  Of course Em then needed to, “Take pictures of mom,” so after another two-three minutes my phone was FULL of pictures of my feet.  But both photographers were thanked and I was on my way to class. Thinking I may need to grab another pair of wunder unders this holiday season.  In black-because frankly, SO MUCH SWEAT.  

 Pure Barre East Gilbert Studio Pure Barre Studio

The lighting in the studio is heavenly.  Just enough light to check your form-but not enough to see the sweat streaming down your back.  Mom Win. I also LOVED the music.  The instructors control the music and tempo-plus it was great to keep time with…  The instructor floated around and made sure we were in correct form, said fabulous positive affirmations(LOVE that they are positive-no time for negativity when working out) and brought the shake. Pure Barre Ball Workout

Pure Barre Workout Ball

  I was warned about the shake.  Oh and will you SHAKE.  Some people prefer at home workouts and to tell you the truth as a mom sometimes that is the easiest option.  But I know for a fact that half-way through I would have quit.  Being surrounded by other people(in all states of fitness) shaking and working hard on their own goals felt empowering.  I walked away knowing that with the help of this fitness class I would gain some quality alone time and get my body back.  I miss being toned and goodness just by how sore I am from last nights class I KNOW that with time my body will get stronger and leaner. PERFECT.  Exactly what I want.

Pure Barre Gear

Pure Barre Gear

 As you grab your belongings from your cubby and make your way out you walk right by an assortment of witty and fabulous gear.  I already have TWO tanks on my wishlist for my birthday/holidays.
My FAVORITE: EAT, SLEEP, SHAKE, REPEAT – yep, that is a necessity.
Now onto the GIVEAWAY!

PURE-BARRE-GIVEAWAY Pure Barre East Gilbert Giveaway

Giveaway Package:

One winner will win- 5 Classes, Pure Barre T-shirt, Water Bottle, and a towel!

*This giveaway package is only available for redemption at the East Gilbert Pure Barre Location.

Check out the Raffelcopter below for your chance to win.

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Grand Opening August 31st!

Website: Pure Barre East Gilbert  Phone number: (480) 213-6748

East Gilbert Location:
Dana Park Village Square
1854 South Val Vista Drive #108
Mesa, AZ 85204
Have you tried Pure Barre?  Would love to hear what you thought!
Sponsored by Pure Barre. As always all opinions are always 100% my own.