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Swimming Must Haves- For Kids

Our family loves to be in the water for the majority of the year!  Out here in the desert we can safely swim for about ten months out of the year.  After four years in the water with kids I am sharing what works for our family and a GIVEAWAY for two of our newest favorites!

Swimming Must-Haves for Kids

End of the Season Clearance

Every year at the end of the season I grab water socks(water shoes), sun hats, and cover-ups for the next year.  The temperatures are still in the 100s when Fall and Winter products hit the shelf here so we grab deeply discounted products easily that we can use right away.  I size-up and grab 1-2 sizes bigger for both kids and save a lot of money with just a little bit of preparation.

Invest in Quality Products

Find products that meet your needs for UVA & UVB Protection!  This is critical as we reside in the Valley of the Sun!  Our little ones get slathered with sunscreen every day.  A big help to us this year has been these StingRay Swimsuits.  The swimsuits offer 100% protection from both UVA & UVB rays- that means A LOT to this mom!  That makes it much easier to re-apply when we are at the water park, splashpad, and swimming pool!  MOM WIN.


StingRay Swimsuit

Aqua Sphere StingRay Swimsuits also kept my desert babies warm.  Our two kids would last an hour at the pool before starting to shake and turn a little blue. YES- even in 95-105 degree weather.  The wind and wet swimsuits made them colder than their little bodies could handle and we would end up leaving way earlier than we needed to.  Which as any mom trying to make your kids leave somewhere they were clearly not ready to leave knows-is not a fun experience.

Seal Kid 2 Goggles


The insulating StingRay is made with a neoprene and spandex combination that kept my kids warm for more than three hours outside in the water!  No tears when we were leaving- only satisfied kids with the biggest smiles on their faces.



One Happy Preschooler

When Raymond started another round of swim lessons a month ago we had a hard time with him adjusting to being with just the Swim Instructor.  Not having mom or dad by his side was a tad unnerving and coupled with the fact that he was really learning how to swim with his head in the water we had many nights of discussing WHY he was in fact learning how to swim.

The chemicals in the pool were a bit much for all of the kids and one by one each of them had goggles.  Raymond was head over heels in love with these Seal Kid 2 Goggles as they offered a much larger field of vision compared to my old goggles.  Suddenly the water wasn’t so scary as he could clearly see all around him.


No, there are no sharks in the pool.  No, there are no sharks in the pool.   Well, seeing is better than believing folks.  Aquasphere-StingRay-Kids-Shorty-Pink-Toddler-Approved-giveaway

Aqua Sphere GIVEAWAY

Enter to WIN one Seal Kid 2 Goggles & one StingRay Swimsuit of your choice!  Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter to win! Good luck!


Seal Kid 2 Goggles -The original swim mask for children, the Seal Kid delivers a leak-free fit for children as young as 3 years old. The Seal Kid utilizes Aqua Sphere’s patented curved lenses for a wide field of vision, making children more confident in the water. The easy-adjust side buckles are simple for kids or parents to adjust – even while wearing!


StingRay Swimsuit –Featuring 100% UVA and UVB protection and a hybrid construction of neoprene and spandex, the Stingray core warmer will keep kids warm, protect them from the sun and allow the freedom of movement they need while playing in and out of the water.


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What is ONE of your must-haves for swimming? Would love to hear from you!

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