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Our Christmas Wish

Through the years the holidays for our small family have meant so much.  Typically this is one of the only times we get to spend with those we hold dear and a time to be thankful for all that we have.  Last year I sat down to write a little letter to Santa and I wanted to carry the tradition forward.Our-Christmas-Wish


Dear Santa,

This year was more magical than ever before!  My two children have grown big and strong.  Both of them underwent a barrage of tests for different heart problems and I am happy to say that their hearts are healing.  The holes are closing, slowly but surely, and the tendons are starting to be pushed down against the wall of the heart. Our heart doctor does not need to see Emma Marie for another two years and Raymond only needs to go once next year! Good health is one of our biggest blessings.

Raymond started school this year and it came with incredible trepidation on my half.  As a former teacher I know how important preschool is AND YET food allergies make going to school a life or death risk.  Some people get it.  The principal gets it, the school nurse GETS IT, and our fabulous teacher and aide.  Please let us always be surrounded by staff that understand.

Raymond has flourished in school and thrives with his friends.  I am continuously grateful for his kind heart and empathetic soul.  May that never change. He loves fiercely and does his best to understand the world around him.  I am proud to see him grow into a true little gentleman.

Emma Marie wants to be three, like yesterday.  Really she is a proud two year old who is doing her darnedest to keep up with big brother.  She always makes sure he is taken care of first before she thinks about what she needs.  Never grabs something to eat or drink without bringing something to him first.  And goodness is she the best mom to Indiana our new puppy.  My wish is for her to not want to grow up too quick.  I want her to revel in her toddlerdom and to continue to find joy in the simplest things.  Life is pretty spectacular through her eyes.

Our family was blessed through this sphere of work to be able to go to the Happiest Place on Earth this past summer.  Disneyland is fantastic-especially with the wonder of two young ones.  I traveled to conferences to be with writers and partner with amazing companies.  I am continuously in awe of how amazing this community is and how supportive my readers are.

Santa- three years ago we felt a crushing blow of self-doubt.  A single soccer ball lay beneath our tree for our son.  Our newborn daughter was going to go without and we felt like complete failures.  How were we supposed to share this magical world of the holidays like our parents before us if we couldn’t even afford a present for both kids?

Christmas came and went and our son was BEYOND thrilled about the best toy ever.  His soccer ball.  He hadn’t needed a stocking full of trinkets or an entire tree-full of gifts with perfectly wrapped presents.  A simple soccer ball was his pride and joy for an entire year.

Through that Christmas we saw that you can truly cherish what little you do have.  We knew we were very lucky to be together, to have a tree(the same one that stands today), and for us to be all healthy.  But we will be forever grateful to have made it through such hard times with such a kind soul who gently reminded us what really matters.

With a little hard work from both my husband and myself we are slowly able to add a toy or two to the linen closet throughout the year.  This Christmas there will be stockings hung up with toothbrushes, toothpaste, band-aids, and socks, along with three presents to each of our little ones.

Our son remembers he may only ask for one toy of you, Santa, as that was our strict rule from necessity a few years prior.  I am thankful that a toy from you, just one, is more than enough.  Both of them were eager to tell you their item this past week when we visited your toy shop.  Raymond quietly asked for a remote control train to go with the our old wooden train set.  Emma Marie kindly asked for just a “baby thing”-Stroller? Crib? You name it and she would be exceptionally happy.

As I sit here and listen to the quietness of the night.  Our house is full of everything I could ever want.  My Christmas Wish is this: may we always remember the true meaning of thankfulness.  May we not get caught up with the wishes of things. And goodness, if you are reading this and you saved everything you had for that tiny size three soccer ball- you are doing the very best that you can. You are.  Life is hard, but it will get better.

Santa, please may I never forget how far we’ve come from.  And that a soccer ball once saved Christmas.

I hope you enjoy the smorgasbord of cookies that will be left out for you.  I am apologizing ahead of time that they are going to be vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free.  Chug the milk and breathe through your mouth.

Merry Christmas!


Holly Marie





Thank you for the candy canes!

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