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The ONE Question You Should Ask Your Child Tonight

For as long as I can remember I’ve asked this important question, “Today-what was your favorite thing about today?” to both of my munchkins.  From the time they started babbling, to the start of their true conversations(and never ending questions), I’ve held true that this question should always be asked.

What you need to ask your child at dinner-TONIGHT.

The ONE Question you should ask YOUR child tonight.

Every time we leave an activity, event, or finish dinner this question has been asked.  The most adorable transformation has taken place now that they are two and four years old-they ask the questions to each other and to us.  The best part?  They truly want to know.  They listen, are attentive, and wait for their turn to answer the question.

What you need to ask your child at dinner-TONIGHT.

Raymond answered the question so sweetly, on a day where I thought I just didn’t do enough for them, that his favorite part of the day was playing catch with me in the backyard.  Those ten minutes of quality time in the freezing backyard were the HIGHLIGHT of his day.  I lost myself in tears at the thought that he treasured just that, those sweet moments.

What you need to ask your child at dinner-TONIGHT.

Emma Marie’s favorite moments often include her purple puppy, being a mom to a toy, or cuddling with me on the couch.  I love how often she is the one that after everyone is buckled up in the car, that she starts the chain of questions.  She wants to know what everyone’s favorite part of Zoolights were.  “Which lights were your favorite mom?”  “What was your favorite part tonight?” She kindly waits for her turn and then gushes about her golden ticket, new bell, and the purple tree.  Life just keeps getting better with these two sweet souls.

What you need to ask your child at dinner-TONIGHT.

“Raymond what was your favorite part of the day?” I asked last night.  He excitedly started recapping our trip to the park on his bike, filling up his tires with air after, and then trying out his new toys in the bathtub(shaving kit just like dad).  The moments that I sometimes miss, that are the MOST important to them, are now always remembered during our evenings at dinner.  Life is hard and the world is often harder.  Sitting around the dinner table every night with our little family is a blessing.

What you need to ask your child at dinner-TONIGHT.

Our favorite treat after dinner!

Finding out that those ten minutes of playing catch were his favorite part of the WHOLE day?  Well, life truly is made up of the little things.  Those that count often go unnoticed.  Take a moment to ask the simplest question, “What was your favorite part of your day?”

What is the one question that you ask your family at dinner?  

Would love to hear about your traditions around the table!


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