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My FAVORITE Shirt & Daily Outfit

My FAVORITE shirt in my closet can be easily narrowed down to this beauty!  I love that it speaks right to my personality and can be dressed up or down depending on the schedule for the day. You definitely want to grab one from my favorite(LOCAL) etsy shop-perhaps a tank for when the temperature starts to heat up. (Affiliate links included-so shop away friends!)Top-Knot-Yoga-Pants-Coffee-Bring-it-on-shirt

Shirt/Old Navy Compression Pants/Stella & Dot Engraved Necklace/ Stella & Dot Earrings


Shirt/ Stella & Dot Engraved Necklace/ Stella & Dot Earrings

The Stella and Dot pieces are now worn daily. I have my two munchkins first initial engraved in the gold discs and love that the earrings are LARGE and definitely bring the sparkle.


Shirt/Old Navy Compression Pants/Stella & Dot Engraved Necklace/ Stella & Dot Earrings


The Old Navy Compression pants definitely LOOK and feel much more expensive than they are!  I thought for sure that they would snag by now(we have a puppy) but after over a month of wearing them 2-3 days a week they still look brand new!


Old Navy Compression Pants/Nikes/SmartWool Socks(rolled down)


Old Navy Compression Pants/ Nikes/SmartWool Socks(rolled down)

I love that Old Navy has a large REVIEW section as I bought these online and could refer to them for size guidance.  I am 5’7” and almost went with the Tall sizing but I am glad I didn’t.


Target Boots/Jeans/Shirt

This shirt is so versatile and the jewelry is just the icing on the cake.  A little bit of sparkle really helps me feel pulled together.

FAVORITE T-Shirts: Mom Life/Mama Bear/Where’s My Champagne?/Save Water Drink Champagne

What is one of YOUR favorite shirts you live in throughout the year?

I would love to find another one for the weekly rotation.


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