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A Letter to my Teenage Self

I wish I could go back in time and write a letter to my teenage self(goodness would I have even read it?!).

Yes. Yes, I would have read the letter.

As a teenager I ached to be respected as a leader and a responsible member of my family.  I was the oldest and did my best to set a good example for my little sisters.

That does NOT go to say that I would do everything the same way again.



Dear Teenage Holly Marie,

You are really just too plain hard on yourself.  You don’t have to be the perfect student, perfect soccer player, or perfect member of the community to be a great sister.  What you NEED to do is to relish in the time you have left with those sisters while you are ALL under one roof.  Hot Lava Monster-Flashlight Tag-and chasing coyotes in the woods are just as important as grades.  Make time for them.


Never stop believing. Your imagination can set you free.  Do not let your imagination die.

Those times you stood up to the bullies that tried to tear your loved ones apart?  Never let them win.  Love trumps hate and sometimes(lots of times) teenagers are mean just to be mean.  Don’t let them get away with their reckless abandon against joy.  ALWAYS speak up.

You will NEVER regret speaking up for what is right.

You will ALWAYS regret not speaking up.

Never be a bystander. Ever.

So what that you can’t do your hair? Just don’t wear it in a pony tail every day.  Your mom was right on that one.

FYI she is RIGHT A LOT of the time. <cough cough> MOST of the time.

Give her a break.

Nothing AWESOME happens after midnight. Curfews keep you safe.

Always let the people you love know that you love them.

Tough love is still love.  Keep an eye out on your sisters.  It’s your job.

Wear sunscreen on your forehead.  You will have acne for life.  Sorry genetics. But Botox is a poison(and expensive) and skin cancer runs in your family.  Sunscreen it up.


Good lord can we talk about BOYS.  Don’t listen to ANYTHING that they say.  Just pay careful attention to what they do.  This advice will help in college and beyond.

Actions mean MUCH more than words.  Their actions are WHO they are.  Their words are who they THINK they are. And apologies just can’t heal all wounds.

When you need a hug- ASK for one.  It is okay to be sad and need someone to talk to.  You don’t always have to be strong.  Tears do not mean weakness.  Communicating your feelings will help with your emotional well-being.

You are not a morning person.  Nothing will change this- save for two small little souls that greet you with a smile later on in life.

Camping is good for the soul.  Always go when given the opportunity.

Apparently, burnt marshmallows are bad for you.  At 31 you still eat them.  They are delicious.

You do have a four-pack of abs-treasure it-you will miss that in your 30s.

Have FUN.  Do your best, and live without one ounce of regret.

You are very lucky to be surrounded by those that love you.  May you always feel loved and supported.

Love your 31 year old self.


What is ONE piece of advice you wish you could go back and give yourself as a teenager?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Never Stop Being Yourself


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Keep your imagination.  
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