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Walking on Air: Spring Style

As a mom of two sweet munchkins I am on my feet ALL DAY chasing them on our adventures.  Teaching definitely prepped my journey into motherhood for the long hours, teaching tiny souls, and being on your feet.  My new pair of Rocky 4EurSole Clogs would be a perfect compliment to ANY teachers wardrobe… but it works just as well for this busy mom on the run!love-these-clogs

Rocky 4EurSole Inspire Me Women’s Western Embellished Leather Clog

The shoes arrived in this FABULOUSLY large box which makes sense when you find that each pair of shoes comes complete with 2 pairs of footbeds.  You can literally swap out the footbed to completely change the look of the shoe and for the purpose.  I LOVE that you can use the full back portion for when you truly need protection for your feet.  I immediately thought of my sister(a nurse) and how these shoes would work perfectly during those 12 hour shifts.

I loved wearing the Western Embellished Clogs(I do live in the desert) the past week to really test out how many hours I could comfortably wear them.  All day.  I wore them from park play date through dinner prep and cleanup crew- no aching feet over here.

Today I am sharing how I styled the Clogs to fit my lifestyle as a busy mom of two.  Check out below to find easy ways to wear these shoes every day!




Flare is BACK! At least for me it is.  And really, what is personal style if it can’t be personal?  I loved rocking the full back option with my extreme flare jeans and pale green blouse for our park play date(no wood-chips in these shoes) and school drop off and pick up.  Definitely a great way to wear them in any sort of weather.

Rain? Snow?

With these slip-resistant rubber outsole you can prevent any falls and oh-no moments.  I may have ran on our slick-when-wet cement patio after the puppy and what usually is an epic fail turned into triumph as I was able to save one of the kid’s toys from being gobbled up.

Mom win.



The weather is heating up and I love being able to dress-down into comfy clothes the minute I get home.  Jean shorts and a sweet top are the perfect compliment to my lifestyle.  I love that I can add the back buckle for extra support and to get that perfect country look.  I did work on a farm in order to ride horses when I was little so I believe I’ve earned the ability to wear country style.  Plus?  I love the classic look.



The perfect look for me as we transition into spring is this fun, flowery blouse with classic white shorts and fabulously comfortable clogs with no back.  I love the airy look and the shoes are a perfect compliment.



This past weekend I chased after the kids at soccer in this outfit.  A quick switch of the strap from the front to the back and I can easily catch up to both my munchkins-even on grass.  We ended up riding bikes in the afternoon and going to the playground with Nana which ended with everyone learning a new game- Monkey on the Ground.  A hilariously fun game filled with tons of running and climbing on the playground that was easily achieved with this perfect spring outfit as our weather has dipped into the 80s.


LOVE my new shoes!  I am walking on air all day now.  Shoes can be comfortable AND stylish.  The Western Embellished Leather Clog is timeless and classic-exactly what I look for in shoes.  Add in the durability, comfort, and multiple ways to wear them and these are definitely a smart find for all of you hard working women!

What shoes do you live in?

Which of these clogs are your favorite?

My second favorite is the Nubuck Leather Clog– love the light leather look!

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Be on the look out for their NEW line of sandals that are coming soon.  This type of comfort in stylish sandals? YES please.


Thank you to Rocky 4Eur Sole for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions are always 100% my own.