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Family Pizza Night after Soccer

For as long as I can remember pizza quickly followed soccer.  After a soccer tournament the team would all celebrate with a pizza night.  After finishing a soccer season we would all celebrate with pizza and an award’s banquet.

Family Pizza Night After Soccer

Soccer & Pizza

They go together like peanut butter & jelly… or so I hear.  Was never one for that combination and now that Raymond is deadly allergic I don’t keep any of it in the house.  But seriously, Soccer & Pizza.

Family Pizza Night After Soccer

Growing up we would always, always grab a big pizza to eat out as our first meal when camping.  I guess you can say pizza is definitely a part of some of my favorite family memories while growing up.  It’s always nice to go to bed the first night camping with a belly full of deliciousness… AND for the parents-after setting up the ENTIRE campsite you just don’t want to cook-I get it now.

red-baron-pepperoni Family Pizza Night After Soccer Family Pizza Night After Soccer

I grabbed THREE Red Baron Pizza’s after Raymond’s last game of the season.  We were all set to go to his team’s pizza party, but then got the call that Emma Marie had pneumonia.  Plans change and we celebrated our OWN pizza party at home.  Raymond loved that he still got to enjoy some pizza- cheese & pepperoni– definitely a tie for his favorite right now.


I am thankful that at four he understood that Em needed to rest. That sweet heart.


Family Pizza Night after Soccer


Loved that we were able to sit around the table and talk about our favorite things about the day.  Loved that Emma Marie was able to get the extra snuggles she needed.  Loved that Raymond knew what was MOST important, family.

May life for him always be this happy.  May he always try his best and cheer on his teammates with such ferocity.  May he always understand that it’s more important to be kind, than to win.

Life’s short.

Kindness matters.

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