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Summer Family Day Trip- Hit the Road

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Summer is over in the Valley of the Sun- not the temperatures-but the kids are back in school.  Today I am sharing how YOU can hit the road on a Day Trip with the family.  Easy, simple ideas to make the most out of Summer.  Experiences over toys.  That is what I want both my children to remember from growing up.

For our Day Trip I planned on taking the kids down south toward Tucson and hit the fabulous Ostrich Farm.  The Farm includes a Monster Truck ride, tons of animals to feed, and of course ostriches.  The kids and I are truly at peace on farms as I’ve been taking them for years and they know how to act around animals thankfully- as ostrich are really known for being AWFUL animals.  So we admired them from a distance.  A very safe distance.


Going on a WILD adventure on a massive Monster Truck.  I wish I had a GO-PRO on.  The video would’ve been priceless.  Both kids wouldn’t stop howling and cracking up.  Memories made.

There are lots of things that people get cranky with.  Too hot, too tired, and too hungry are the main ones here in the Valley of the Sun.  For my kids being too hungry… even just a tad hungry can make them just cranky enough to spoil a bit of fun.  Knowing this I always pack twice as much food as I think we will go through.  So off to the store I went… but being a responsible adult that would be traveling in the desert on a large highway I decided to make sure the car was checked out before our trip.

Safety first.


Our plan to make the most of Summer and take a day trip before school headed back in session started with an easy trip to our local Walmart Auto Care Center.  While my car was receiving an oil change with Pennzoil® , I was able to shop for all of the supplies for use to take a Day Trip to an amazing Ostrich Farm down towards Tucson, Arizona.  One stop shop.


Getting your oil changed with Pennzoil {oil that helps clean out sludge lesser oils leave behind} at Walmart helps make those summer road trips a success by saving time and money.  High mileage is $39.88 on Rollback to $35.88 (June 15 – September 28).   My car has almost 75,000 miles on it, and then it will be time to switch to Pennzoil’s High Mileage oil. For now I stuck with the Pennzoil Platinum®: Full Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus™ Technology.  Save money on very necessary car maintenance so that you can grab that extra special treat on your Day Trip.

Milk Shakes for the WIN.



Tons of fresh fruit and veggies in the cooler packed with a ton of ice.  Loved how easy it was to fill them up with these healthy options.  Plus a picnic really speaks to their souls.  It doesn’t take much when they are two and four- but I love how much they love the simple things.


Fresh Produce


Happy Kids-Happy Life

I pre-cooked corn which is a messier option… but again.  Messes make memories.  And picnics?  They MAKE memories.  So I deal with the mess.  I mean some day the mess will be gone and I will miss these moments.


Feeding the Goats


Feeding the Birds


Taking a Day Trip might take some extra-planning on your part, but it is oh, so worth it.  I took one trip to Walmart for the car and food and we were OFF.  Now we are thinking about our next adventure.  Figuring out what is drive-able and worth it as the temperatures are still in the triple digits.

Where do you want to go on a Day Trip?

What are your must-haves for hitting the road with your family?

Would love to hear from you!

Check out my Top TEN Tips to Get Road Trip Ready.

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Putting Myself Out There

Throughout the years of sharing about my life on social media I think the hardest part has been sharing who I am without the fear of judgement.  I can NOT just smile at the camera and say cheese… it is not in my nature.  So through the last year as I have ventured into working with companies I know and love in the fashion industry, putting myself out there, all by myself, has been necessary.

Working with brands that I love and use has always been a dream for me on this little space on the Internet.  Now putting that into fruition with actually getting contracts, working on creating a concept, and then doing my best at strutting down a sidewalk where there ARE people staring?  Well, it hurts my stomach to think about it now as I type- BUT it is a long goal realized.

I would say honestly that MOST of the photos are of me talking… cause look at that car that stopped to look… or AHH almost tripped on a rock… or I actually start singing… and yes I am working on this- BUT goodness does it feel all sorts of unnatural to put yourself out there sometimes.

I am grateful for this journey and the moments and memories that are the direct result of hard work.  Dreams I never thought possible have come from this space, the space I frequent every night once the kids go to bed.

I want to tell you that IT IS worth it to put yourself out there.  That while I do get negative comments (don’t we all?) that the good far outweighs the bad.  That being comfortable in my skin, in my scars, in my role is important to me and most importantly to those two little souls that watch me day in and day out.

When the days get long you must recall the little victories.  The simplest of moments matter and can help us through the darkest of circumstances.  I am beyond grateful for social media and the direct positive impact it has had on my life throughout the recent changes this past year.  There are no words to express how amazing this community is and I will never forget how even through the Internet- kindness rules.

So cheers friends to putting yourselves out there.  Be it through work, making new friends, or just surviving the day.  Take a moment to relish the here and now.  Pause a moment.


Guess what ended up in my cart on #WineWednesday ? This fabulous bottle of Wente Wine Morning Fog Chardonnay which is a clear, crisp winner for when you need to slow down.  Make sure to take time for yourself.  Invite that friend over, scroll through Pinterest, turn on that old, sappy movie that gets you right in the feels.  Make sure that you recognize that putting yourself out there is HARD.  Life is HARD.  But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it.

Over the past 130 years Wente Vineyards’ Chardonnay is consistently recognized as being the best-selling varietal in the country. Their wines are 100% estate grown and sustainably farmed in the Livermore Valley, San Francisco Bay and Arroyo Secco.  Told you, CRISP-CLEAR-WINNER.


It is WORTH the struggle.

Goodness the road here has been ROUGH.  But I will continue to count my blessings and realize that I am doing the very best that I can.  That putting myself out there is worth it.  It just is.

Now if I can just stop trying to get that jump shot- especially in heels-yah that would be smart.

What is your little victory?

How are you working on putting yourself out there?

Would love to hear from you!


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Design Themes for Small Spaces

The kids share a bathroom that gets a LOT of use.  Both of them use the bathroom at night, brush their teeth, and generally get ready for the day with their morning routine.  The space is small so the Design Theme has been BRIGHT and AIRY.  Check out how I help make this small space still feel bright with the help of At Home Stores.Decorating-small-spaces

Design Theme for Small Spaces: Light and Airy

First off the high-gloss white paint needed to be GONE.  I painted a light mint color that made an immediate impact on the small bathroom.  The yellow maple cabinets were then refinished to a bright white and the glow from the natural light in the day turned from yellow to warm and inviting.

I attached two white hooks to hang their towels on and added my favorite photos of them (with white frames) from when they were little.

What I desperately needed was a place for them to shower as the bathroom had been primarily used for tub-time.  I shopped at the At Home Stores with both munchkins so they could pick out the shower curtain of their dreams… I was prepared for bright primary colors OR something of that nature but the kids both loved how shiny the silver was on this white shower curtain.  They then helped pick out ALL of the accessories.  The clear brackets holding the shower curtain and liner were a fast family favorite and didn’t break the bank.  I picked out the shower rod as it was a curved one that promised to give more space.  More space?  I’m sold.


All in the Details

Hanging up the shower rod definitely is a TWO person job… although I was able to hang it by myself it wouldn’t have taken nearly as long had I had some help.  Jello arms after holding the bar and attempting to get the correct bracket on?  No fun.

The fabulous extra space the kids have in the shower and immediate ambiance of a curved line?  Worth it.


I literally bought EVERYTHING you need to set-up your own shower-just like I did when I headed to college.  Was fun going through the At Home Stores Campus Collection and reminiscing about picking out pieces with my mom.



I shared on Instagram about a new find that just happened to HOP on into my cart while I was shopping… funny how that happens sometimes.  But with since At Home offers terrific selections at great prices I didn’t feel the pinch when I was wrung up.

Check out At Home Stores for your shopping- especially if you are sending someone off to college OR you are working on redecorating a space at home.

Back to Campus Checklist

Download the College Move-In Checklist: HERE

What design theme do you use for small spaces?

Have you tried installing a curved shower rod? Tell me I’m not crazy and that it was hard…. humor me.


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Splash & Play

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Have you been to LEGOLAND California?

What was your favorite activity?

Would love to hear some wise words of advice! Please share!

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Top 5 Ways to Sleep Cool This Summer

The Summer heat is here to stay. Sleeping in the heat can make nights difficult in the Valley of the Sun.  Check out my Top 5 Ways to Sleep Cool This Summer and please share tips that work for you!Top-Five-Sleep-Cool-Tips-For-Summer-Pure-Care

Top Tips to Sleep Cool This Summer

The temperatures are in the 110s and only cool down to the low 80s at night.  I keep the house at 80 degrees during the day and cool it off to a breezy 78 degrees at night.  I would LOVE to keep the thermostat lower- but the electricity bill would kill me.

Invest in Your Health

Yes.  Sleeping is INCREDIBLY important for your health and well being. There are LOTS of things that can start to go wrong if you consistently lose sleep… parent’s of young kids I can feel you nodding along.

Make sure that your bedroom is equipped with the comfort you need to survive the heat of the summer.  I am over the moon happy about my new collection from PureCare.  The PureCare FRIO Collection is mind-boggling amazing.  I would JUMP THROUGH THE COMPUTER AND SHAKE YOU- it is literally the best thing since sliced bread.  The rapid chill cooling fibers on their FRIO Mattress Pad and FRIO Pillow Protectors can best be described as when you turn your pillow over to the “cool side” except for you don’t have to turn your pillow over and it NEVER heats up.




Invest in Your Health

I have talked nonstop about this technology the past few weeks and my mother finally stole one of my SUB- O pillows to test out the greatness herself.  SOLD.

The science teacher in her wants to know the secret formula…



SUB-O Pillows

Pillows Matter

Both SUB-O pillows are incredibly comfortable and cool to the touch, all night long.  Add in the PureCare Frio Pillow Protector and you have a match made in blissdom. The SUB-O Down Hybrid Pillow is softer to the touch and lets you sink in a bit more.  The SUB-O SoftCell Chill Reversible Hybrid Pillow is much firmer (a must for this old lady) and has helped cut my time needed to fall asleep drastically at night.

I will never give up this pillow.  I am beyond grateful that the FRIO Pillow Protector has a five-year warranty and is completely waterproof.  Who says you can’t have nice things with kids?!?

Oh, yea- it helps when they are waterproof.


PureCare Dream Composer

Night Time Routine

As with raising both of my children, a routine can definitely improve your body’s transition into sleepdom.  After the kids go to bed I spot clean the house, finish work, workout, and take a shower. Although I am a social media marketer, I do my best to not do any screen time right before I go to sleep.  Instead I tend to read.  I am wrapping up a novel from one of my favorite author’s right now.  Plus, reading gives me a little “me-time” which is important as a parent.


Sleep Masks are Your Friend

Let the Darkness Prevail

Most people know that sleeping in the dark is integral into getting a good quality night of REM sleep.  Sure, I have reflective screens on the windows, curtains, and then wood shutters… but where there’s a will-there’s a way- at least that’s how I think LIGHT thinks.

Through the narrow window above the shower or the daylight that sneaks through at an awful hour of 5AM I need to make sure the sleep I do get, has the potential to be restful.

Sure I am still visited by toddlers and preschoolers throughout the night and there are nightmares to be tended to, BUT daylight? Not my problem.

Love that the PureCare Dream Composer is both a sculpted sleep shade (no pulling on those precious eyelashes) and a scented cool-remedy gel mask.  The essential oils are divine and definitely help relax me on those days where everything go a little harried. Plus, the masks last for six months each which means you can treat yourself more often- like you should.

If you don’t take care of yourself- who will?



Top Five Tips to Sleep Cool

Fan Game on Point

Sleeping soundly in weather that isn’t bearable for months at a time due to heat is difficult.  Fans help keep a healthy ambient noise level along with a low, consistent breeze for those hot nights where the AC just doesn’t seem to be able to keep up.  I currently have an old metal fan on my desk that points toward the bed and a ceiling fan that is right above where I sleep.  With their combined power, the sleep mask, and my fabulous collection from PureCare my bedroom is now a cool oasis, perfectly primed for sleeping.  EXACTLY what this tired mom needs.


Keeping Cool While Sleeping This Summer

PureCare is an incredible company that I have known for years and can say that they truly care that your needs are taken care of.  From their phenomenal products, to their fast and easy customer service, to their LONG warranties- they stand behind their products.

With their generosity I am bringing you the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY I’ve ever been a part of. There will be multiple winners AND you will be receiving everything you see above. EVERYTHING.  Take a gander through the links above and check out the amazingness of their offer!


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What is one way you stay cool while sleeping in the summer?
What PureCare product is on your wish list? 
The PureCare FRIO sheets are on my wish list- if they are anything like the pillows, protectors, or mattress pads then they are definitely the only sheet set in my immediate future.

Would love to hear from you!

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Thank you to PureCare for sponsoring today’s post.  As always all opinions are always 100% my own.

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