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The Motherhood Experience from FX’s Better Things Pilot

There are not many hours in the day that I get to myself. So the cherished time that I can spend relaxing on the couch and cuddling up with Indiana Jones are precious and not to be wasted.  I loved the opportunity to watch FX’s new pilot Better Things. I found myself nodding along throughout the episode and want to share some super-realistic scenes that I relate to.


 The Motherhood Experience from FX’s Better Things Pilot

Everyone knows that some days as a mom are better than others. FX’s new series Better Things sheds light on those days when you’re sleep-deprived and overwhelmed – and feeling maybe… perhaps… a little less than your best.

The show centers around a Single Mother doing her best at raising her three young, daughters. I mean we all clearly do our best at parenting, and Better Things shows the more realistic side of the balance of work, motherhood, and trying to find the extra bit of time to yourself.

Is there a balance?  I mean I feel like there is always something more that I could be doing.  But I do know that every day I wake up and do the best I can to conquer this world that I’m living in.  Being a role model to my two munchkins is incredibly important to me.  And at the end of the day, on those long days, I want them to know in their hearts that I did my very best for them.

I laughed out loud at the inherent lack of privacy the mother receives… I mean they ALWAYS find you at the most inopportune times.  Parenting at it’s finest.

So on the off-chance that you are able to relax this weekend- you should catch up on Better Things –it’s worth your time and goodness do we all need a laugh once in awhile.

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