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Four Ingredient Delicious Pasta Dinner

Who else wants to learn to cook the Tuscan Way? A few simple ingredients and layers of flavor make for bold taste every time. Join me in the kitchen as I make one of my favorite meals extra tasty the Bertolli Tuscan Way. Four simple ingredients that will have your family asking for seconds!



Bertolli Pasta- The Tuscan Way


Francesco Bertolli created a whole brand surrounding the simplicity of the Tuscan Way. As a busy mother and teacher finding meals to make that are healthy, fresh AND will be eaten by all is hard to come by sometimes.  I love cooking pasta and adding in just a few ingredients to make the meal just a little more savory.

The Tuscan Way celebrates a few key ingredients, cooked lightly in olive oil, to lock in layers of flavor in every dish.


Bertolli Olive Oil and Garlic Sauce

Ingredient List

Pasta- GF Pasta for our family

Bertolli Olive Oil and Garlic

Fresh Mizithra Cheese- Grated

Olive Oil- Just a dash or two

A few key ingredients + layers of flavor = bold taste. I love how simple, fast and healthy this dish is.  The added layers of olive oil, sauce, and cheese make these a hearty meal that always has the family coming back for round two.

Easy to meal plan for the week when you only need a few ingredients on hand for an entire dinner.  Don’t forget to grab a Bertolli Sauce for pasta dinner this week.  The chunks of garlic? Make my heart happy.

Check out this cooking school on cooking The Tuscan Way.


What is your favorite pasta dinner recipe?

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