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New Year Resolution & Goal

There can be a first time for everything.  This is the first time I have taken the time to reflect back upon the year and to truly think about what I can do next year to better myself, my family, and my community.


New Year Resolution & Goal

What I do know is that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I know my strength.  I know I can do hard things.  I know this because HERE I AM- I made it through quite possibly the toughest year of my life- and I am still standing.

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning- but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.


Sprint Workout

Working out has been cathartic for this old soul.  Playing soccer with new and old friends, coaching soccer, and working out at the high school I teach at has helped me grow stronger this past year.  Two kids later and I am back to successfully completing Track Sprint Workouts and Stadium Circuits.

Sprint Workout

Jog two laps around the track in under five minutes.

100M Sprint- Jog 300M

200M Sprint- Jog 200M

300M Sprint- Jog 100M

400M Sprint- 30 second Break

300M Sprint- Jog 100M

200M Sprint- Jog 200M

100M Sprint- Jog 300M

Jog two laps around the track in under five minutes.



Workout Gear

Having the correct gear to workout in is KEY.  I love the compression sports bras from Champion… I have a whole drawer full.  They are adjustable on the top strap which I love.  Running shorts that are breathable are essential in outdoor workouts here in the desert and these from Champion are consistently in the rotation.


Toning Workout

Supermans 3 sets of 30

Arm Extension 3 sets of 30

Plank- Hold for a minute

Lunges- 45 each leg

Sumo Squats- 45

Squats- 45

Toe Raises- 45

I use three pound weights.  I do not need to gain a large amount of muscle and am just working on toning my body and maintaining normal strength.  Of course you should always consult your doctor before starting a workout regimen but wanted to share what works for me.

I will continue to add new activities to the above rotation.  I want to start playing indoor soccer.  I really want to learn how to play golf.  And I am continually adding in new hiking locations as I explore the Valley of the Sun.

Professionally this last year has been amazing.  Hard work has paid off and I am able to do what I love with teaching and coaching, along with the fabulous opportunities that this community has afforded my little family.

My Professional Goals are posted in my office and I can’t wait to start crossing them off in 2017.



My New Year’s Resolutions?  Are simple.

I just have two.

  1. KEEP
  2. GOING

Life is messy.  Things change.  But goodness there are so many wonderful possibilities. 2017? I am ready.

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