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Future Smart Event- Mass Mutual & Phoenix Suns

I was asked to join The MassMutual Foundation, Phoenix Suns executives, and other local community and business leaders for breakfast and networking. Where there was a detailed presentation on the importance of financial wellness, including strategies for holding on to the MVPs in your organization, with a panel discussion afterward moderated by Hill Harper.

Phoenix Suns- Mass Mutual Event

The MassMutual Foundation

Following the breakfast, we were invited courtside to attend the FutureSmartSM Challenge, a
collaboration with MassMutual, Junior Achievement of Arizona and the Suns. Hill Harper ran around and thoroughly engaged with over 3,000 middle school students, inspiring them to think about their future financial success and the importance of savings, career choices and going to college.


Phoenix Sun’s

Loved that the Phoenix Sun’s even after flying back from a game at 2AM came to represent and rally the youth of Phoenix, empowering them to make smart, educated choices.


Phoenix Suns Mass Mutual Media

The media present were asked personal questions about their financial literacy.  My questions were listed below.

Interview Questions:

  • What financial advice would you give to yourself five years ago?
  • What is the biggest financial lesson you’ve learned in life to date?
  • How much research do you do when you’re going to buy something

After the interview with Hill Harper we did a group cheer… or attempted a group cheer… and you can view that on Instagram- HERE.

If you want to know how loud I laugh in real life? Just click the link.  Sorry family for slightly embarrassing you with my cackle…

Phoenix Suns Mass Mutual Future Smart Event

As a teacher, I know how important finacial literacy is.  I love the The MassMutual Foundation is placing leaders within middle schools to teach classes about finances that are so often overlooked.  Schools are able to sign-up for the program, the teachers do not need to plan the lessons, as qualified city leaders come in and teach each lesson.  The culmination of the program is earning the right to attend the event with MassMutual and Hill Harper.

The kids were enthralled with his presentation. Hill had everyone cheering and openly discussing financial education…. these were middle schoolers that were empowered with information that will greatly, positiviely, effect their financial decisions in the future.  The MassMutual Foundation provides programs throughout the country.  I was proud to be apart of such a wonderful event that had education at the forefront.

Check out their site for more information- HERE.


When did you learn about personal finances?  In school?  On the hard knock streets of real life?

Would love to hear from you!


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MassMutual sponsored this post. As always all opinions are always 100% my own.

Keeping Fit in the New Year

Halfway through February and my resolution is STILL in tact. HUZZAH.  Check out a simple way to keep your energy up while you are on the go.  As a busy teacher, mother of two, coach, and entrepreneur life doesn’t slow down.  If anything life has continuously become crazier the past few months… exciting as it may be I need to keep things on hand so that I don’t get HANGRY.

My workouts and goals of getting stronger each day are fabulous-but not fueling my body appropriately could easily derail my future plans.

Vita Tops- Snack

Supplementing Wellness in my Busy Life

Upper Body Workout

-3 reps 30 bicep curls

-3 reps 30 supermans

-3 reps 30 tricep extension

-3 reps 30 lats pull-down

I use three pound weights- gaining strength, definition, and not bulking up. It is a personal preference- one you should talk to your healthcare provider about before starting a regimen of your own.

Blueberry Vita Tops

Organic Muffin Tops

Deep Chocolate

VitaTops Muffin Tops

Vita Tops at Target

I found my VitaTops in Deep Chocolate & Wild Blueberry Muffin Tops at Target! You can find yours at your nearest Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Shop-Rite, or Target locations.  I grabbed this healthy indulgence on my weekly trip to Target.  Love being able to keep my body fueled so that I don’t crash.

If mom goes down, the house goes down.

Here is a light-hearted video I created about my favorite flavor of VitaTops- Wild Blueberry.

CHECK HERE for a high value coupon and to find stores that carry them near you.

How are you doing with your New Year Resolutions?

Would love to hear from you.

PLUS- did you get the movie reference from the video? :)

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New Year Resolution- 2017