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Bump Update Week 8 &10




8 Weeks & Showing

At 10 Weeks I had my first OB Appointment with the same Dr. that delivered D.  LOVE her office.  One major fear of mine was that D would be going with me to each and every appointment this time around(there are rarely other babies there-like ever-weird?-yes) and the fact that he is an active, large and in-charge toddler worried me- to the point that I lost sleep the night before.

Well, shame on me.  One of the other nurses stayed with us throughout the hour appointment and talked-played patty-cake and delighted my little baby boy as I got poked, prodded and analyzed.  And all of the ladies were so sweet- they even commented that nobody brings in their kids and I told each and every one of them that D will always be with me because family lives 1000 miles away… and he is my little sidekick.

Well- my blood pressure was healthy- weight healthy- BUT- I do have a 1 in 3 chance to get preclampsia again so they are going to be vigilant about my blood pressure- HERE IS HOPING- no preclampsia please.

Overall, I have extreme-extreme exhaustion.  Like brush your teeth is too hard to do- comb your hair? Why? Why? Yep- just like with D the 1st trimester has knocked me on my behind- but unlike with D- I could get rest.  This time around chasing after a toddler? OHMYGOD. I can not wait until the first trimester is over. Take a look at that picture up there- you see those big bags?  That tired smile? Yep.


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