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Life Lately: Two Toddlers

Even though my Instagram feed is full of Fall decor and the inaugural PSL’s from Starbucks our weather is anything- BUT Fall.  But that’s okay.  We survived another summer in the desert and were lucky enough to still get outside on daily adventures even when temps hit nearly 120.  

The Toddler’s and I go to the Zoo- probably twice a week.  The packing and trek are worth it and we walk around, say “hi” to our favorites(that change weekly), and always leave after a good bit of wet fun at the splash pad.

Two weeks ago we had a 100 year old storm.  Now I’m from the Pacific Northwest and am used to rain-it doesn’t bother me one bit-but nearly six inches of rain in eight hours in the desert is tantamount for disaster.  The ground is so hard that the water literally pooled on all roads and freeways-covering cars and leaving people stranded and needing emergency help.  Our backyard flooded to the point that I got my boots on and had to dig a make-shift river for the water to flow out of it before it breached our sliding glass door.  Carpet and storm water would be an ugly mix.  We were lucky and did not get stuck or flooded but there are many-MANY- people in our neighborhoods that are not that lucky and have lost the majority of their belongings.  Rain in the desert does crazy things.

Sweet Em will lay at my feet, relaxing when I cook in the kitchen.  She cuddles up and just “talks” to me. Precious little one.

National Geographic Kid’s Club and Disney Store Activity Days- we go where the fun is!  Music and dancing are the jam to our jelly and my toddler’s boogie their little hearts out.

The Dinosaur Man- we visit the Natural History Museum once a month.  The Toddler now knows all of the dinosaur names and what they eat.  His favorite is the triceratops.

Em gives me gray hair on the daily.  She climbs EVERYTHING.  You don’t think she can scale the stools? OH YES SHE CAN.  Little lady is as determined as ever to give me a heart attack.

Weekly pool adventures are always interesting.  Two toddlers that can’t swim… Mom of the Year over here hmm.  But they love going down the water slides and playing on the splash pads.  Some of my favorite memories from the summer revolve around water with these two.

Two weeks ago we got the band back together to celebrate the stunning Bride-To-Be! Can’t wait to be a part of her special day!  Eleven years and counting with these lovely ladies. Love them so much!

The last few pictures are from today! Second day of “Fall” and we hit the zoo!  Hours of fun with these two-and now I am off to go grab my baby girl- apparently the car nap was sufficient enough. Goodtimes.

Any plans for the week? Fall festivals? 

We are going to our first festival on Sunday!

2 Responses to Life Lately: Two Toddlers

  1. You are such an amazing mom! I need to take my son to more museums, zoo’s etc. We are always on the go but not always doing fun kid stuff. We will definitely be going to our share of fall festivals starting this weekend!

  2. Aw, Giselle- you are the sweetest! Thanks for your kind comment. We can’t wait to carve pumpkins in our house-with the prize being the seeds! YUM!