There are those moments when you just know that you are doing something right.  

As mom’s I feel like sometimes you try to commiserate with one-another discussing all of the hard things that we do and go through on this daily adventure in life.  On my many solo adventures with two under two I encounter many situations where I am truly thankful that our parenting is working.  Raising two respectful little ones is working.  

Well, when I look back on these days I want to remember the good- the pure good of my two little ones playing together, day after day.  

The Toddler goes out of his way to make sure that Em is looked after, has her toys, and is happy.  She follows him around, copying every move he makes, and is overjoyed with all of the attention and love she receives from him- every single day.  Not just moments.  All day, every day, in public, at home- they love each other openly. 

Sometimes I need to remember to revel in the fact that we are raising good little ones.  

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