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New Mom Must Haves for Baby

My favorite must-haves for baby number one!

My favorite must-haves for baby number one!

City Mini Stroller- Only 17 pounds- folds with one hand hold-which I can do with one hand-while holding the baby(large and in charge toddler now). We have used it almost every day for over a year- and it still looks brand new. LOVE the fact that it has three wheels too- so much more versatile than the four wheel friends out there.

Dr. Brown's Newborn BPA-Free Feeding Gift Set

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Pack– Prevent extra bubbles = less gas and cranky baby. EXTREMELY necessary for those that are bottle feeding and/or pumping.

Angelcare Baby Monitor– After I got home with my newborn and found out he was a swaddle Houdini- he could roll over when he was just days old and “travel” all of over his crib- I freaked and bought this gem. It should be called “Peace of Mind”. Because then I didn’t worry if my newborn rolled over and smashed his little nose into the mattress because this machine kept track of his breathing and movement.  No movement- LOUDEST ALARM EVER TOLLS- I only had to respond to it once- when he had actually taken a longgggggg breath and kind of just laid there- I jostled him awake and there were no other alarms after that.

Sony Baby Monitor– the monitor we got originally- which is now the one we use now that our baby is a toddler.  Excited that I don’t have to buy another monitor for Baby #2 in August- we will continue to use this one with the Toddler in his big boy room and the Angelcare will be used with baby #2.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Infant-to-Toddler Comfort Rocker

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker– Your infant has a cold?  Can’t sleep flat on their back? Well this baby helps- I am not saying you should let your baby sleep in this through the night(although we did when he got the flu) because that is certainly not the intention nor the correct use of the product- but its possible.  Plus there are calming vibrations you can turn on that make even my baby- who was the crankiest baby I have ever seen- relax.  We borrowed this when we traveled to WA when D was 7 weeks old and BOY did he just love his “seat”- it also helped around month 2 when he started to bat at and play with the toys on the bar. I ordered our own when we were in WA ensuring that it would be waiting for us when we got back to the desert- that invaluable for our family.  Multiple uses I tell you.  NOW- my 35 pound toddler uses this chair in our living room to read in or take his cup over and drink like a “big boy” in a chair.  So proud of himself.  NOTE: swings and bouncers are expensive and some babies HATE them(like mine)- this is $35 bucks and can be used for years. Simple math.

aden + anais for Target Zooaroo Swaddle Wraps 4pk - Gender Neutral

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets– we live in the desert so having a product that we can swaddle-layer or use to block the sun on car trips or while in the city mini are priceless.  We have four- and I plan to buy four more for when we have baby #2 in August- we have used one or more every single day since our child was born back in 11/2011-they are priceless.

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